friday 10/06/2011

I am still buying here. Please if you have lots don't hesitate to contact me. We can work out a deal....smiley

I have a full XP Shaakarti.
do you want to trade?

I only have Gil left and I just need either Hawkins or Selma.

Make it 9 and we'll talk smiley

thursday 09/06/2011

And noodile cr

Deal is done =)

thank you, mod. u may close the thread!

I can offer these cards for charlie:

Trades I prefer:

First trade:
My Tanaraeva Cr 0xp! (163) For your Tanaraeva Cr Full xp (147) + Wee Lee (11) + you name it

My Graksmxxt (50) For your Copper (30) + you name it

Those are the trades I prefer, but I can also be interested in a trade with Kerozin Cr, or something else, as long as it's fair. smiley

If there're no takers, would anyone like to buy those characters?

Anyone sell to me thx....
i offer 180169c

3x 0xp Uranus
1x 0xp Kenny
2x 0xp Shaakarti
1x 0xp Blaaster

I value him for 800 clints. willing to trade cards like gil, toro, emeth or tanaereva cr. pm me. thanks mods!

Argh!! Ten minutes after I make this, the elo bans change and...
Let's just say I changed my mind. Mods please close this thread (thanks)... this is so humiliating smiley

I sent you a pm

I sell a nice Sum Sam Cr full.
Price: 1.2M
Cash is better

at your keyboard mensmiley

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