friday 29/07/2011

Plz close this thread, i have lots of new cards so ill make a new one. thx mods

Looking for 400 more Jeto.

Selling the entire Berzerk family (Cortez & Lola excluded) at 0xp

1 Elvis
1 Beef
1 Drummond
1 Esther
1 Gus
1 Kawamashi
1 Kostner
1 Melanie
1 Norman
1 Revok
1 Taylor
1 Vivian

send me your offers via pm

Hi i want to trade my uranus for glorg(plus9k) hax marco Nobrodroid and taham haze(plus9k) buck Shayna jay Vholt Eklore herman(plus 6k) dorian fei c beast c wing

thx mods

I don't think you'll find a guru cr for that price, but anyway, good luck smiley

Buying Mona 22k

WIlling to trade some of my Freaks for these two
I offer
all 0 xp

I also have many other cards to trade for these two so pls PM me with ur offers and requests

Forgot to specify: 25 is the minimum volume I'd like to trade.
I've got more.

Hello people i search kiki cr, i offer for him:

lyse teria cr
+ vickie cr 0exp
+jim cr 0exp
+2 smokey cr
500k cash

if you are interested can contact me for speak about this offer and eventually make a deal smiley

thank modsmiley

I only have Selsya Cr and 3 Alec Cr left.

I'm mainly looking for Tanaereva Cr, Caelus Cr, Robb Cr and Smokey Cr in that order.

Haha... I'll entertain other offers as well. Thanks blitz. smiley

Lol the compliment is i like your shoes smiley

Like the name states, I wanna trade my Pastor for Clara and Phyllis
I value Pastor at 4800/5000 clintz, Clara 2200/2300, and Phyllis at 2300/2400.
Also, if you just interested in buying Pastor I'm selling him for 4800.
PM me for faster response but commenting here is fine too.
xD Thanks mods

Well the titl explain it all lol well ill buy them for 340,000 [85,000 each] thantks inbox me or just private sell it

Sorry guy's just sold the clan earlier this is no longer for sale so can somebody please delete/lock thie thread or w/e?

thursday 28/07/2011

X1 AlecCr
x1 Hax
x1 Kerry
x1 Cliff
x1 Pastor
x1 Sledg
x1 Aurora
x1 Marco
x1 charlie
x1 hawk
x1 zatman

I'm looking to buy Morphun for a price lower than 15000 clintz. Also got Hawkins for trade. Message me please.

Up i have still this 2 boys to sell or trade...then nothing is interested?smiley

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