thursday 09/06/2011

Trades I prefer:

First trade:
My Tanaraeva Cr 0xp! (163) For your Tanaraeva Cr Full xp (147) + Wee Lee (11) + you name it

My Graksmxxt (50) For your Copper (30) + you name it

Those are the trades I prefer, but I can also be interested in a trade with Kerozin Cr, or something else, as long as it's fair. smiley

If there're no takers, would anyone like to buy those characters?

Anyone sell to me thx....
i offer 180169c

3x 0xp Uranus
1x 0xp Kenny
2x 0xp Shaakarti
1x 0xp Blaaster

I value him for 800 clints. willing to trade cards like gil, toro, emeth or tanaereva cr. pm me. thanks mods!

Argh!! Ten minutes after I make this, the elo bans change and...
Let's just say I changed my mind. Mods please close this thread (thanks)... this is so humiliating smiley

I sent you a pm

I sell a nice Sum Sam Cr full.
Price: 1.2M
Cash is better

at your keyboard mensmiley

Hi sorry ive already traded it with my buddy awry now so bye guys

Also got 2 Terry Cr (full) and a Shaakarti smiley

Opps forgot to add 1x 0xp blaaster...
3x 0xp uranus
1x 0xp kenny
2x 0xp shaakarti
1x 0xp blaaster

Please , is you have one of those or both, please send a menssagen, the price with both together is 35 k!! we can make a goo trade!

The price for the cheapest 0xp kolos was 60k when I posted this smiley now it will be 55k for 1 kolos smiley for sure the price is negotiable and depends on the market smiley
if the price would be 30k to high then do you rate one 0xp kolos at 50k? nice deal give me some as its cheaper than the cheapest full one xD
for sure I would add something if you could give me these cards with a worth of 180ksmiley
so at the end do you have an offer or not?

300 clintz

I can give you 2 o exp kolos + a shann or other 10-15k worth of card please pm and we can negotiate more.I am willing to go higher

How much Dallas?

Ok full or 0xp?

wednesday 08/06/2011

Lol, no way in hell. (at the guy above me)

mods close pls, all done smiley

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