tuesday 26/07/2011

Thank you all who have traded with me. My last list is composed of the following:
Amiral Py Cr
Chikko Cr
Smokey Cr

Jane Ramba

I have clintz to make up for any deals that exceed the total of these cards.
(I will be closing this soon as I doubt anyone will want to trade for these few "scraps" smiley )

I don't actually have to get both of these characters from the same person.

I value Graks at 48k and Uranus at 15k

For just GraksmxxT I am offering Dagg and 9k.

For both characters I am offering Dagg + Yayoi and 7k

For Uranus I offer Yayoi and respectfully ask that you throw in some clintz.

Please send me a private message to discuss any trade specifics, thank you.

X2 revok
x1 tanaerevacr
x1 charlie
x1 hawk
+ 60000 clintz can you interested pm me

She's 950k at market price atm

Have offers ready

You already have Jim Cr on auction, this thread is not necessary smiley

The price you are offering, is totally unrealistic. How are you related to jackstar69?

Jackie Cr for Beltran Cr?

Has anyone have a nyema for 3000 or 3500 clintz.Need to my jungo deck

I am looking for Dagg and I will pay 35K for it. Plz PM me if you want to make this fair trade. Thanks!

I am looking to trade my beautiful skunkjoe signed Marlysa Cr 0xp for 10 Jackie Cr

Not willing to negotiate
Pm me for faster response!

Im going to buy buck and gabrielle for 10k both or trade to my shakra ty guys

I'm selling/trading the following cards. (All are fully evolved)
Wayne Stark

To offer send a private message to me and we will discuss it from there.

At the current moment I have 10k clintz and cards to throw at it. You PM me with a reasonable offer and I'll get back to you promptly to see if we can't work out a deal.

I reeaaaallllllyyyyyyyy need a rowdy xx
what you want in trades ? xx

For reference:
Vickie Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Noodile Cr

@hutrs: it's a pain in the arse for ppl to search for cards' prices without having quick links. Providing them with these links not only shows consideration for your buyers, it also puts you in a more respectable light as a trader.
You're welcome.smiley

My 0 xp lao cr for the markt price or trade of playable cr's and clintz...
pm me if interested


I wanna trade my 0 exp. Jackie Cr for a full one and an extra. Serious offers here or PM. Thanks.

Ill trade my Alec Cr and 10k for your Graks plus Dregn.

pm me for offers

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