thursday 24/01

My Ombre Cr full +1.1m for your Lao Cr any xp

Still looking for him

Whats Cr you have

wednesday 23/01

I sold something I can do 2.6m

How do you link again I forget?

Now gone, thanks all.

tuesday 22/01

Looking for Death Adder, Serafina, Behemoth and Maana Cercei for my Xantiax Robb Cr smiley.
Quite simple trade, the prices are equivalent, as per my last check. PM me for faster response!

There is no Jackie Cr 0xp anymore.
My bad

17m then sure, otherwise nty smiley

Hi, i'm trading my Death Adder 0xp [1.5kk].

Looking for: GraksmxxT Mt [600k]+ Quetzal Cr [550k] + clitntz/other cards

monday 21/01

I have Aldebaran Cr 0 xp and looking to trade him for Flavio Cr.

sunday 20/01

I am also looking for 0xp Scarlett Cr

saturday 19/01

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