thursday 23/06/2011

Hey i am looking for a tessa cr . I will give you a Lamar cr (fullxp) + card around 20K of your choice.

Contact me if your are intrested smiley


Mod can close, thx.

wednesday 22/06/2011

No price no specefic cards... this doesn tell us anything

Maurice is up to 4799 each and that is not for 40 of them 0xp. Anyone interested? My offer is at 4750 a piece for a grand total of 190k.

Fair enough, Manfred. Good trade. smiley

Hello Guild i am looking t get a Ndololo cr my offer for it is

Offer :
200K in clintz
9 Noodile Cr full (20k ea)
2 Coby (9k ea)
2 Kenny (15k ea)
5 Ghumbo 0xp (20k ea) my offer is about 530k i cant really add much but i can try pm me for a faster response also im interested in varies of cr's

I trade my Dragan Cr full xp for 50 shakras

Answer here or in pm smiley

thanks to mods smiley

I am Trading Caelus cr and around 60k and 20 ngrath for Tanaereva cr

I will buy for 215k. pm me

Offering multiple copies of Noodile Cr, Chikko Cr, Terry Cr and Amiral Py Cr. I also have 4 Ghumbos, 2 Graks, 1 Kolos and 1 Dregn plus lots of little stuff. The Crs alone that I have come close to 500K. PM with offers.

Forget about this trade, I'm just going to sell it in the market.

Ok thanks mods! you can close

I will give you 50000 clintz for cassio crsmiley

I want all those cards except Graksmxxt but that adds up to only 100k what else do you have.

I value Tanaevera cr at 163,000 clintz
I will trade for Ulu watu wee lee Hikiyousan
Bangers wilie
Fang Pi
ALL doubles should be over 5k
I also want a Dregn 0 ex I value him at 63k
All other cards are fine if the are playable and over 2k
IT DOESN"T matter if other cards are 0 exp will be valued at lowest market price. Only for Dregn 0 Exp will I give a discount I will trade Tanaevera at 159,000
If all the cards are over 10k I will offer some discount.
PM me for quick response.
Trades Only. Trades with clintz = 165k

Sold. Mods please close

Just a nit pick, k means thousand, your offering 370,000,000clintz based on what your saying, not trying to troll, and i have no actual offer, but i wish you luck

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