saturday 28/05/2011

Is 12 000 on the market

Dregn 60 000 tsubam 29 000 ray 9 000 pastor 4 800 selina 5 500 logan 3 500 quibik 4 500 herman 2 800 kawamashi 2 800 belgosi 2 300

all that is 124 200 you need to put 40 000 more dude

friday 27/05/2011

If u want it let me know and we can work somethin out

Sell or trade my Marlysa Cr for 730k clintz or Lamar Vickie and 150k clintz

Hello ! I'm trading my Elya Cr smiley !
I valued my card for 305k clintz . I would like to trade it for 1 Robb Cr and 1 Lamar Cr ! I'm willing to add in some cards/clintz to make up the price tag of the cards . Do pm me ! I'm really interested in Robb Cr and Lamar Cr ! Thanks ! smiley

*Thanks Mods for posting !

I would like to purchase leviatonn for the cheapest price
PM me for faster reactions
Thanks Mods!

Contact me then we talk

No it hasn't,i still sell Yayoi and Dagg 0 xp,i found Dregn already

thursday 26/05/2011

@jksta: check the card history...shows every person that owned a card since it was in a pack

I trade 1 kolos + 5k for gil+yayoi+dagg

Come on

Hey mates! Would you like to trade YOUR Lamar Cr for MY 3 Jackie Cr + 30k?
(Lamar's exp doesnt matter, my jackies are all full.)

Thanks mods smiley

I have
robb cr

i'm looking for bulk cards eg 20 of a card etc
message me or comment

Graks and ghumbo at lvl 4

Greetings UR im looking for a Tanaereva Cr (full) i offer:

Jackie Cr (full) valued at 96k (market price atm)
Uranus (0exp) valued at 15k (market price atm)
Glorg (0exp) valued at 8.4k (market price atm)

PLUS 19k for a grand total of about 138.4k. Pm me for a quicker response.
thanks Mods for Posting

I'm still buyingsmiley

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