tuesday 05/07/2011

So I have a Stella (0 exp) that I want to trade for Gordon(Any Level) I was right that Gordon price dropped down dramatically so this will be a good deal before his price drops down even more lower smiley

There scotty are 0 xp

I'd like to buy your normans for 420 clintz each regardless the amount of them smiley .
Set me up a trade or put them in my PS.
Thank you for your time. smiley
Thank you mods for approving this. smiley

A Page for those who are slightly richer to post there grat deals like a shakkarti 10K etc. I will post one of my own soon.
People who post theirs will be greatly congratulated and hoghly commended for future priveledges from other players due to travel of information.
When i reach level 40(not for ages,unless someone wants to create the event instead of card offering talk to me if interested) i will create an event exclusively for those who offer here.Should be a fun idea thnx mods.

Please Close, oh powers that be smiley

Caelus Cr (90k)
Seldnor Cr (70k)
3 Noodile 0exp (20k each)
Kreen Cr (45k)
Blaaster (20k)

roughly 285k (atm according to the market)

looking for a Splata Cr full. will add Vermyn N + 3k for a 0exp Splata Cr
Pm me for a faster response

thanks mods for posting

Full guru cr
8 0xp, 12 full

Splata cr for charlie+tanaerevaCr+30000 or

Also after Ambre. I value Jackie at 100K (lower than market value), so this is a pretty good deal.
Please PM and we can work something out.

Yeah Ombre Cr and Nahi Cr for YOUR Kerozinn Cr

Robb Cr fluctuating too much now. Have stopped looking for the time being.

Really noone? and splata cr 's price droped i bet its the name sounds like im begging

20 Miss Ming full xp
8 Miss Ming 0xp

I ask for 330 each, which is cheap, since I want to sell them quickly.

Well Robb Cr is only worth 52k not even close to the 70k you are asking.


Close please mods, Thank you smiley

monday 04/07/2011

Selling or Exchanging:

15 * Sunder (approx 400 each = 6000)
10 * Butch (approx 275 each = 2750)
10 * Drorb (approx 200 each = 2000)
10 * Galen (approx 225 each = 2250)
10 * Izsobahd (approx 260 each = 2600)
10 * Lehrg (approx 400 each = 4000)
10 * Negodz (approx 120 each = 1200)
10 * Neloe (approx 400 each = 4000)
10 * Onyx (approx 240 each = 2400)
10 * Sunder (approx 425 each = 4250)

Totals around 31K - will take offers on each set or swap all for a Chad Bread Cr. Market moves so can add Clintz difference or chuck in some other cards worst case to make up any value difference. PM me, and thanks to mods.

I'm surprised no one has even considered this, vickie is around 240k, alec is about 105k, caelus is around 90k noodile is about 20k, totalling about 225k, with caelus on an upward trend, the offer is pretty fair, ill even throw on 10k or so in cards/clintz to round it out

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