sunday 03/07/2011

He has other cards like he said in the thread

Alec Cr is no longer available.
I would like Miss Twice for Nahi Cr and can make up the difference in clintz or cards to be Negotiated.

I am also looking for Miss Twice cr I can make up difference in cards or trade to be negotiated

Pfullers use the cards to gain the full experience of leveling the card from lets say 3->4* or 4->5*, which can be 30-40 bp per card. or 120-160 bp per battle. its basically paying for a quick way to level up

a beautyfull marlysa cr

Emeth is also a good option

Trade my Cortez for 120/140 cards 5* NO FULL....
Trade my Robb Cr for 120 cards 5* NO FULL...
Trade my Jackie Cr for 160/170 cards 5* NO FULL

interested people contact me

Thanks so much mods,,,,, smileysmileysmiley

I'm offering Shayna and Hawk, both 0xp. Pm if interested.

I offer Cortez + other cards or Clintz, subject to market price

Please PM your offers, welcome to negotiate.

Looking for a Mona! smiley
Offering 17k for it.
Of course you can bargain if you want smiley

Cards i will trade:
prince jr max
giovanni (together with other card if u like)
edd 0max
python 4max
masamu 0max
gerturd 0max
thormud max
gus 0max
if possible them in 0 max ty.

I'd like to trade MY graksmxxt (full xp) which I value at around 50K, for GHEIST cards.
I'm looking for any combination of these cards:

Make your own REASONABLE offer involving these cards (and additional clintz if it is necessary).
PM me for offers.

saturday 02/07/2011

I would like to trade my marlysa cr plus 40k for 10 cealus cr.

i mainly want cealus but will listen to other trade offers near marlysa crs price smiley


I want sum sam cr pm me for my both card

Need a shaakarti willin to trade pm me if ur interested pzl

I wanna trade my 0xp Vickie Cr for a full xp Vickie Cr + complement around 4-5k...
The complement is negiotable, pm me!

My Miss twice cr full xp for your:

Charlie, any xp
Cassio cr, any xp
And 30k worth of cards or 1 card w/e

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