thursday 28/04/2011

Trading Dregn for Dagg Shaarkarti and 15,000 Clintz

wednesday 27/04/2011

Im am trade these cards and clintz for tan man cr

c wing
cyb lhia
and 25k clintz

ty mods

For jungos i have all but the following: Slyth Chill Bragh Kreen Cr and Niva

for vortex i have all but the following: Dagg Shaakarti and Dregn

pm me with offers if you want all it will be 70k in clintz all togther
or we can make out a trade of some kind

Sold Vickie, still looking for kerozinn


I can also add 100k+ clintz or little crs like robb, smokey, Jackie

Just Send them to my private sales

tuesday 26/04/2011

Looking to trade my graksmxxt 0xp.
pm me your offers.
offers including bulks of redra or cley will get priority.
i value graksmxxt at 43,000.

thanks mods.

I counted wrong about 35k in cash

Pm me if your interested

Hello i trade my guru cr 0 exp for guru cr full +2 kolos , i accept also other offer like complement if you are interested contact me

thank modsmiley

Hello, i want buy Sum Sam Cr (0xp) with 950.000 clintz, I will give you 1 Charlie 0xp.
Thank you ! smiley

Good luck with that smileysmiley

I am exchanging my rass cr and marlysa cr (both 0xp) for multiples of caelus cr and/or kolos. Jackie cr and tanaereva can be negociated in the trade as well.

Thanks Mods

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