thursday 26/05/2011

Hey mates! Would you like to trade YOUR Lamar Cr for MY 3 Jackie Cr + 30k?
(Lamar's exp doesnt matter, my jackies are all full.)

Thanks mods smiley

I have
robb cr

i'm looking for bulk cards eg 20 of a card etc
message me or comment

Graks and ghumbo at lvl 4

Greetings UR im looking for a Tanaereva Cr (full) i offer:

Jackie Cr (full) valued at 96k (market price atm)
Uranus (0exp) valued at 15k (market price atm)
Glorg (0exp) valued at 8.4k (market price atm)

PLUS 19k for a grand total of about 138.4k. Pm me for a quicker response.
thanks Mods for Posting

I'm still buyingsmiley

Got one =] close!!

wednesday 25/05/2011

Ur geuner cr and diyo cr is 0xp

Hawk and 1000 smiley

I'm Sorry Dark Chibi, but Why should I buy this offer when I can get it cheaper on the market?

Seling my sentinels deck.. Here's the list with price..
Chloe = 3.2k
Coby = 9.6k
Copper = 31.3k
havok = 2.8k
hawk = 10.1k
Miss chloe = 1.8k
Owen = 1.5k

or im going to sell it for 61k.. THankes Mods smiley

Im selling my ambre for 25.5k.. pm me if your interested..

tuesday 24/05/2011

Well that was really fast smiley

Lol this is old
i mustve forgot to close lol


still buying Kerozinn Cr and Vickie Cr

This is a pointless thread as are all the posts. Please mods, close this.

Ok to clarify, i need caelus cr and will swap the above mentioned cards - i apologise for the confusion!

Ok i have sold all... thanks ....

Sell for 100k clintz,or trade with jackie cr or Alec cr
contact by pm
Thnks Modsmiley

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