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thursday 30/06/2011

Comon people. The cake's gettin cold:/

I am down to join a guild, im active and such so hit me up.

wednesday 29/06/2011

Non Compos Mentis

Fresh and hot from the oven. We have no criteria whatsoever. We have lots of vacancy for the unstable. We admit any patients without regard to any standard.

Hmmm i think that somehow short.

Anyway join us now. or you'll be sorry.
(insert evil laugh)



tuesday 28/06/2011

Hi everyone this new guild (1 hour old) wants to make a difference in the UR world. This guilds mission is to help players be the best they can be and make the guild stronger and better in the process. We cannot promise you all kinds of cards and free bonuses but can promise to help every member noob and vet become a better strategist and player. If you are an experienced player wanting to help others then please join us we need you. If you are a new player use this guild a stepping stone to something better together we can learn deck building, buying and selling strategies, and anything else you may need help with. As of this posting there is only 1 member Hope to have some more in the future.

Good luck to everyone!


[Intro] Join our fantastic uprising new guild, open to anything or anyone just sign up!

Wrong section first of all.. it should go in Strategy and Tactics but red face means that 10% or more of the matches you played ended with a timeout or you leaving the match.

If you are level twenty or above and wish to join the Boiling Springs Mafia guild, then click on this link below which will send you straight to the guild and then apply. You must be active at least once a week. Come on down!


Recruiting active elo/t1 players both on message boards & the game itself, need admin as well so if interested pm me or better yet apply

Most definitely a guild worth checking out, if your into discussion or just want to make some new friends then this could quite possibly be the guild for you.

monday 27/06/2011

Dont call me noob but this is so noobish written.. smiley

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Hey guys! This is my new guild and I am looking forward for new people smileysmileysmiley
This guild has not level restriction....should I repeat? NO LEVEL RESTRICTION ^__smiley__smiley__smiley__^
I personally love techno, especially dubstep obviously. BUT you dont have to be a fan yourself to join! smileysmileysmiley
And if you yourself are a fan, then I PRAISE YOU smileysmileysmiley
We can share techno/music taste, ew that sounds kinda weird smileysmileysmiley, and play UR at the same time!
I am also open to other music so ALL ARE WELCOMED!
All I ask of you is to be active and go on at least 5 times a week. Thats ALL I ask.
Remember, ANYONE CAN JOIN! So go out and tell your friends! smileysmileysmiley


sunday 26/06/2011

You spelt your own guild name wrong smiley (title)

saturday 25/06/2011

How about joining the guild im in we are very active and always have lotss of funsmileysmiley

friday 24/06/2011

And forgot then gunslingers
please dont propose more as i have some others visits planed to other guilds and then i will go back to my old one

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