friday 01/07/2011

Lol I know its good

Im looking to trade alec cr for jackie cr, pm me for negotiations

I am looking to trade my Marlysa Cr full for 55 pieces of Hawk (doesn't matter if 0xp or not).

still negotiable.

PM me.

I want to trade my cards for a bulk of dallas any xp
what I can offer is graks 0xp or/and a kolos 0xp
im hoping to get 26+(graks)-30+(kolos) I value dallas at around 2k
prices are negotiable post here or pm me with offers

Close please...sold them both

I also have these cards for trade, all 0 exp:


thursday 30/06/2011

Title says it all.
I have
that I'll be wiling to trade for any offer i think is fair. Please offer. Thanks.

Lol at this sorry but there are not many 4stars for 350 on market maybe a few but not enough to be worth it for the seller

Yesh i agree with 0 winning and merlin begging is bad but also note he made an offer and stated he knew it prolly wouldnt go through showing it was his best offer at the time, he technically isnt begging hes just making an outrageously low offer

Are your cards full or 0 xp ?

PM me for faster responce

Add Your Slimann 4° level at 600 and your Vladimir 4°level at 700-750

Going to buy buck or for trade to my cards.. i got elvira-taljion-ditha for 1 full xp buck tnx

Vickie cr Full or 0 XP?

Buying one for 84k. Tnxsmiley

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