wednesday 18/05/2011

Vickie cr is sold, offers on kerozinn cr anybody?

For 3500 or less. PM me your offers. I don't have enough decent doubles to negotiate a trade.

Thanks, mods. smiley

I'll buy her. just put her in my private sale. Thank you smiley

tuesday 17/05/2011

Hi everyone
i trade
1Jiro for 6 Puff all full
1Jiro 0xp for 6 Puff 0xp

i have 500 Jiro 214 full and 286 0xp for the trade

good game

Mods i got my lao thanks you can close the subject

Hey bro, go to french smiley english topic is just dead smiley

They are gone, thanks mods! smiley

Kolos gone

Trade finished. Thanks.

I trade my Tanaereva Cr
I like these cards to trade:
and clintz

make ur offers and pm me

thanks mods smiley

Ndololo cr
Ambrose Cr

As title said, I trade the Vortex Clan for 30 Maurice. Pm me if interested.

114 Sasha (72 full xp and 52 0xp smiley )

Why ? check how many cards are on market ... the prize is +- right ...

*Edit* / *UPDATE* -

I would like to buy :
-- Elya Cr for 230k Clintz
-- Kerozinn for 180k Clintz

Able to negotiate with me !

4000 clinz sorry

I buy Greem for 1600 cash head or i trade Isatis + 300 clintz head vs Greem 0xp

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