sunday 17/04/2011

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Yep I feel bad for being too poor to afford her before she went cr, but now I'm finally rich enough to afford her by trading everything I have
Anyways I offer:
2 Shaakarti 0xp
5 Deea 0xp
2 Noodile Cr (some xp lv 1)
2 Pyro max
ty mods

How much selina 's for a jackie cr Oxp? and how much for a caelus cr?

I am willing to trade Tanaereva Cr + Splata Cr for your copies of GraksmxxT.
(Please pm me instead of leaving a message here)

Thank you....

Do you have 11 Graks ? I am willing to trade Splata Cr + Tanaereva Cr for your Grakss.

Just like what is written in the title
I'm buying Dalhia for 18k pure clintz just send them to me smiley

saturday 16/04/2011

Looking to buy kerozinn cr for 190000

Put in my VP the 3 heesmileygrn

I sell :

1204 copies of Nobrocybix.
( 0xp = 312 copies )
Each card costs 400 clintz.

If you'd like to buy all, the price will be 440k (440.000 clintz)

Skullface Cr for 105k

DJ Korr Cr for Kiki Cr+1.5M in good crs?

Trade my nahi cr full for alec cr full

Hello, i want to buy your Jackie Cr for 77 k.

Sent me VIA private sells if you want to sell me for that price

Thanks mods smiley

Close pls..

Looking to buy him for 125k

friday 15/04/2011

Hello people i'm interested to trade my kiki cr full exp that i value 7.6M i'm very interested to guru cr + complement

thank modsmiley


Title says it all. Based on the current market, that's my offer. It can possibly change. PM me if you're interested thanks.

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