monday 30/05/2011

sunday 29/05/2011

Guild:1298005 is recruiting!!!!

We are the TOP 20 Guild in SG!!!
The requirements are simple:
- Active
- Speaks English
- lvl 15 and above

Come join guild:1298005 TODAY!!!!!!

Hey all,

I'm URCollector, been playing the game for 2 years on and off.

I just started up a guild of my own called URban Revival found at the below address:-

For Casual people, who just want to make friends, socialise and have fun taking part in all the UR has to offer without the worry of guild kicks due to inactivity. Players need to be level 15 and up to join. I am looking for like-minded passionate about Urban Rivals Players.

Wrong section first of all it should go in this section of the forum:

But the answer is use a card that has this ability: -X opp damage mine Y

The ability (or bonus) can't be countered by Stop Opponent Ability or Stop Oppenent Bonus and the opposing card must have more damage then the minimum.


You have a Winston in play and your opponent uses Jessie, Winston's ability won't help you towards your mission because Jessie has only 2 damage and Winston's minimum is 3.


You have a Winston and your opponent is using Kolos. Kolos's ability is + 6 damage so he has 10 damage now but Winston blocks 3 of his damage and you are dealt 7 instead of 10 and the mission will go up by 3.

Im level 35 i'm active just post here


Join for the good name

saturday 28/05/2011

I'm just starting up a new guild for new players, such as yourself.
I'm hoping a lot of people will join, and we can all help one another out smiley

friday 27/05/2011

Chaos fiends i will help with uppers smiley

Please use the General Tactics forum smiley

Sorry guys i messed up the links :'( smiley

thursday 26/05/2011

Geek geek why not were comming for that number 1 spot

wednesday 25/05/2011

Ok I made one there so if you have any advice feel free to post there instead sorry.

New guild, please join:

Ladies Palace

A guild with discussions in english, french and dutch. Also newbies are welcome. Hints and tips will be exhanged. Please join and have fun.

Lol, Argos, shouldn't have mentioned that, now lots of freeloaders and multis will start joining. XD

Please report this to Customer Services smiley

Hello there, This isn't the right place to be asking this question. You should try "Strategy & Tactics: General."

tuesday 24/05/2011

Thx for the messages I have now found a group.

Closed, please make a new one again.

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