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thursday 23/06/2011

Hey everyone. I'm muse and i created a guild if it wasn't obvious and i want you personally to join. smileysmiley

The guild is pretty much for players who've been on awhile and no guilds are fun for them. Go to the page and read the bio. guild:1384311
Level 35+
that's all you have to be.
Join up.

P.S.our name and picture is pretty cool. don't you want that on your profile? smileysmiley

They are great players. Join up they have a very active message board.smileysmiley

wednesday 22/06/2011

I need more people we are up to 15 i want 20 plus smiley

We are a small guild trying to get bigger. Our leader baddeejay33 was a part of the guild O.L.B. and developed leadership skills in the year that he was there. Our goal at guild:1371849 is to develop young and veterans into well rounded players and develop friendship amongst its members. We are lacking the lvl 40 area for events but we do have connections to other guilds and leaders who we could participate with in guild events. The kind of several guild events between friends kinda thing. Since we are a young(and quite small) guild our rules and restrictions are few. We only expect that our members be active on threads and be friendly toward each other and the people they play. Noone likes a bad sport. Also a high fair play rating would be appreciated. We don't have any specializations but we plan on getting our fingers into the DTs and elo game as we(hopefully) collect more members. Plus it would be awesome if we could show that the decision to leave O.L.B. was not a bad decision but one to improve our gameplay and overall effectiveness in the UR community. Our link is here: guild:1371849
Please message baddeejay33 if you got questions. I am like the "do things on the fly" person while he is the one that sits in his golden throne of HC smiley

Angels of Pain

Founder : Grimro17
Admin : Emotional_
Admin : Assassin_45
Admin : PrimeAmbition

Honestly ill say that we are a fair team that have been up and running for a couple of months and we are doing well enough. We are very considerate to all players and we do our best to make it so each player has a playable deck.

1. Looking for experienced and semi-experienced players levels 15 +...
2. Must be active in many of the guild activities. ( events/ Message board/ lotteries ect. )...

You don't have to speak English but, honestly, that's the main language in the guild...


The introverts is a new guild for players who enjoy playing in ELO events and who play fairly


I'm giving away cards daily.

If you like puzzles and riddles and can solve them, you can win cards.

Come join the fun. Newbies welcome!



tuesday 21/06/2011

Oh and Hidan Rules haha smiley


Join us just yesterday i won a Dagg for coming THIRD in a torney imagine the prizes for 1st place

****topic can be closed as I found a guild**** smiley

Join up you guys we need more people smiley


Please use this forum http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewtheme&id_theme=4

monday 20/06/2011

Aw man what a super awesome guild I wonder which master mind created this guild. He must be so amazing. smiley

Congratulations to locored on winning Lucas for our 6th recruitment lotters, and Cross Biancina on wining Miss Lulabee for our 4th lowbie support lottery.

This week's recruitment lottery features Karen, and our lowbie support lottery features Greem.

Join us http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=918203
Were a growing community and were all very active we have fun tournaments and we discuss tactics and create strategies to help each other out. We also have a leader who is unbeatable so you can come challenge him and prove him wrong smiley

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