wednesday 22/06/2011

I trade my Dragan Cr full xp for 50 shakras

Answer here or in pm smiley

thanks to mods smiley

I am Trading Caelus cr and around 60k and 20 ngrath for Tanaereva cr

I will buy for 215k. pm me

Offering multiple copies of Noodile Cr, Chikko Cr, Terry Cr and Amiral Py Cr. I also have 4 Ghumbos, 2 Graks, 1 Kolos and 1 Dregn plus lots of little stuff. The Crs alone that I have come close to 500K. PM with offers.

Forget about this trade, I'm just going to sell it in the market.

Ok thanks mods! you can close

I will give you 50000 clintz for cassio crsmiley

I want all those cards except Graksmxxt but that adds up to only 100k what else do you have.

I value Tanaevera cr at 163,000 clintz
I will trade for Ulu watu wee lee Hikiyousan
Bangers wilie
Fang Pi
ALL doubles should be over 5k
I also want a Dregn 0 ex I value him at 63k
All other cards are fine if the are playable and over 2k
IT DOESN"T matter if other cards are 0 exp will be valued at lowest market price. Only for Dregn 0 Exp will I give a discount I will trade Tanaevera at 159,000
If all the cards are over 10k I will offer some discount.
PM me for quick response.
Trades Only. Trades with clintz = 165k

Sold. Mods please close

Just a nit pick, k means thousand, your offering 370,000,000clintz based on what your saying, not trying to troll, and i have no actual offer, but i wish you luck

Sorry pie is great right now i'm only looking for the cards listed above, i already have multiple of the cards listed above

tuesday 21/06/2011

The title says everything smiley
I serve the qubiks you give the Graks
pm me.thx

Cortez is only insanely priced because he just came out. His 8/8 stats are going to keep him elevated for a while, but he will certainly go down a lot.


bids 177k on lot 4.. he is now leading..

Still looking.

Buying 1 Eloxia 0xp (Skeelz) for roughly 3k if you have one please send me a message. Thx mods

The fact that the entire collection is already up for auction, means that you do not need another thread smiley

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