monday 11/04/2011

Im trading my Splata Cr 0xp for a Vickie Cr and 40k. PM me or post here for questions/offers smiley

Since the market shifted I'll throw in 2500 clintz

sunday 10/04/2011

Me sell it to me in private

Thanks for the back up Artemis smiley

I changed this one to General too *more confused*

If you have not received the clintz, please contact customer services smiley

I changed this to the General forum smiley

I wish I knew why old threads are being revived, maybe some players have time to roam necro threads? lol
Players are supposed to close their threads as soon as they have purchased/sell/traded, but it seems that once they have done the deal, they tend to forget about their threads.

I give you 35k

4 year old thread, lock please ...

This thread is like 1 year old... stop pumping it up, please lock it smiley

I think this thread was created Wednesday September 22, 2010.

I will pay anyone up to 27300 for Kreen Cr via private sale, thanks

Close please
thanks mods and every1 who traded with me smiley

Is Alec Cr still reserved?


Sunday 19/09, 13:04

please lock this thread please smiley

@enzo de 3rd I put Dregn in your ps. Just put Jackie cr on my ps for 20k

Lol, no he won't be and I never said he would. I did say he's popular and slowly rising in price as you have correctly identified him as a good card that will leave NB eventually.

Anyways, I have sold all of the cards now, thanks for the offers smiley

I give you 40k

Looking for a bargain on Dagg if u have more to spare for an 25k clintz pm me pls

I will trade my Uppers for your Ulu Watu
I have Herman, Burt, Dorian, Frankie Hi, Glenn, Harold, Janine, Jeeves, Jody, Nellie, Ruby and Tyler.They are worth approx 24821 clintz.

I am looking for: Buck, Lucia, Miss Lulubee, Nanook, George, Stanly, Lulubee, Shayna and Gabrielle.
They are worth approx 24806.

Pm me if you are interested. I am willing to negotiate a bit.

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