wednesday 04/05/2011

Sorry, it just got sold.

Vickie cr Oxp

My Alec Cr for your Kolos and Graksmxxt. i can make the difference in clintz if the market calls for it

I am very open to offers buy it now for 500 clintz thankssmiley

tuesday 03/05/2011

Ill trade uranus for shaakarti

U can cloase it yourself m8 .......

Please close this....the card has been traded...thanks mods

[Sell] "Vansaar" maxed, for 100Clintz

Good luck getting dj corr m8

Please close this as I have DJ> Thank you

monday 02/05/2011

Jakie Cr + Tanereva Cr for full vortex

Close plz

HAHAHAHA Sorry peepz, K1NG made a boo-boo
I corrected it in the French forum last night before I had to go;

but the English mods hadn't published this threat yet, so...
What I meant was;

Euh GraksmxxT (0xp) et pas 110k, pardonnez-moi, c'est 43k

Tessa Cr (complet) (400k)
Alec Cr (0xp) (100k)
Grakksmxxt (0xp) (42k)
2 Charlie's (complet) (65k)

et je vous offre 193.000 clintz

Nobody??? make your offers...

Page CR is 0XP come on guys smiley

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