friday 13/05/2011



We're still in Open not apply unless you ready to put in some work. We got a long ways to the top and every hand counts...Cocky Warriors!!!

thursday 12/05/2011

Join my guild!!!!w00t!!!!

Thanks to all my supporters! =D

Thats twice for me Im searching for an active guild too that helps its members with making good decks.i am an active player and for more information about me pm me with the questions u have.

We would love to have you! Come join our guild.

Idiocracy is a guild for all. Just join if you want to have fun, play urban rivals all casual like, and like funny movies or even stupid movies. it's all good in here, so join up if you just want to have fun. no level restriction (except what Kate says) and no real rules, just practice respect, noob or master.

to join, go here:

Still looking for members. Join up and have fun!!

wednesday 11/05/2011

Come join my guild.

We'll take you! We are the Dream Travelers. Come join our guild.


Our guild is open for any person interested in joining. We'll try to help you level up and become a more powerful guild together. Message me or someone else in the guild if you have anymore questions.

Please be at least LV 15+ and an active user Deities Guild

Already looks like a strong guild
Good job Dr Deckman
Great guild in the making smiley

Final list of guilds has 13. XD

If anyone else wants me, just post. smiley

If yor looking for a great active guild then apply to function failure.....there a great group of players

As soon as we have 10 members we will host the first of many events to come everyone is welcome

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