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thursday 21/07/2011

I tradee my marlysa cr 0xp for 19 robb cr 0xp
if u want to deal another thing pm me

Thanks i don't really know how my pm's got turned off smiley

Title says it all, trading my Shakra for Hawk

?? you can say other offers smiley sor sure

Ok i have Pesth now still looking for Ahkab Bloodh Dahlia and Selma pm

Oh you troll so hard smiley smiley smiley

If you are selling please leave an offer of how much you are selling it for.
Thanks smiley

Just pm me for faster response smiley

thanks mods

But they offer cards that will rise in value or become cr

I'll add Pastor to my offer in order to make it fair.

I would love a kolos

No worries. I finally got one in New Bloods lol

Currently looking after a Page and a Nahi. Looking after offers.

Now is 23000 still 0 xp

wednesday 20/07/2011

I'm looking for around 280k in clintz or cards for Kerozinn Cr. I like trades and i will consider any offer if the price is right. Private messages are best.

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