wednesday 29/06/2011

tuesday 28/06/2011

Just some piranas i wanna buy

+Noodile Cr

Not really interested in Ambrose, sorry

Offering 90k clintz, pm me, maybe can work something out

Or i trade against Cr's smiley

2.500.000 Clintz


1 x Full Tessa Cr
1 x Full Lamar Cr
1 x 0xp Splata Cr
1 x 0xp Reine Cr
1 x 0xp Thaumaturge Cr
1 x Full Kerozinn Cr
1 x 0xp Melissa Cr
2 x 0xp Jackie Cr

2 x Full Dregn
3 x 0xp Dregn
3 x 0xp Cortez
3 x 0xp GraksmxxT
2 x 0xp Kolos

Pm me please

I have a jim cr that i'll trade, but i'll need u to add something to ur dwain, offers?

Like the title says I want to trade my willy 0xp for your ahkab doesnt matter what xp

Obviously to make it fair you must add the 7k clintz or in cards to cover the gap

pm me thanks mods

As the title says i m selling all my elliots all but 1 r 0 xp and that 1 is 25xp away from being maxed out i ask 165 if u want 1 160 a piece if i want 10 155 a piece if u want 50 and 150 a piece if u want them all PM or post

Thanx mods

No thanks, as per private mail RA_, looking for a lot more and no rush to sell. Both cards still available, happy to take offers but wont give them away.

Norman has been very up and down lately but is most of the time at the 550-650 range

Close please all sold

[Trade] Enzo and Edd for Taylor

Lin Xia (11k)
Toro (16k)
XU52 (13k)
Ongh (22k)
Sylth (17k)
Mona (18k)
Ahkab (15k)
Selma (14k)
Dalhia (22k)
Aurora 0exp (11k)
Hax 0exp (13k)
Kerry (12k)
Jay (10k)
Praxie (10k)
Dorian (12k)
Zatman (13k)

roughly about 230k. looking to trade all these for Kerozinn or Vickie Cr. will add clintz to make up the difference.

i also have:

13 Dallas 0exp
16 Kawamashi 0exp
4 Pastor (1 full, 3 0exp)

PM me for faster response. trades will be considered over clintz.

thanks mods for posting smiley

Hey how much for buck??

Hi i want Corvus Belgosi Eloxia thomas no nam Estalt and i will give u hawk for all of this card pm me for faster respond and u can give me one by one but i will not buy it until all the card i want is there if the fist person sell me the card i will accpet it but if another person selll me the card i will refuse because i only have one hawk

THX mod

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