wednesday 22/06/2011

I value Tanaevera cr at 163,000 clintz
I will trade for Ulu watu wee lee Hikiyousan
Bangers wilie
Fang Pi
ALL doubles should be over 5k
I also want a Dregn 0 ex I value him at 63k
All other cards are fine if the are playable and over 2k
IT DOESN"T matter if other cards are 0 exp will be valued at lowest market price. Only for Dregn 0 Exp will I give a discount I will trade Tanaevera at 159,000
If all the cards are over 10k I will offer some discount.
PM me for quick response.
Trades Only. Trades with clintz = 165k

Sold. Mods please close

Just a nit pick, k means thousand, your offering 370,000,000clintz based on what your saying, not trying to troll, and i have no actual offer, but i wish you luck

Sorry pie is great right now i'm only looking for the cards listed above, i already have multiple of the cards listed above

tuesday 21/06/2011

The title says everything smiley
I serve the qubiks you give the Graks
pm me.thx

Cortez is only insanely priced because he just came out. His 8/8 stats are going to keep him elevated for a while, but he will certainly go down a lot.


bids 177k on lot 4.. he is now leading..

Still looking.

Buying 1 Eloxia 0xp (Skeelz) for roughly 3k if you have one please send me a message. Thx mods

The fact that the entire collection is already up for auction, means that you do not need another thread smiley

Hi guys, im looking to buy an ambre, for 22 436, its a few clintz short, but i wanna find someone generous enough to sell me one smiley

thanks mods

Don't be so hard Merlin! smiley
Nice job on the calculation (assuming its correct of course) smiley
But hey, you never know if someone will accept this. It never hurts to ask, even if it IS a bit spread out.

If you haven't posted this on the french forum, I suggest you do. smiley

I want to trade this cards

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Trading my charlie full for your kolos

thanks mods

Please Pm me for faster Response, I will respond to all.
No spammers please.
I will negotiate on trade value, but not clintz value.

This actually belongs in strategy tactics and general. We can talk via pm

Ok i will give you Tanaereva Cr for Vickie Cr only ok

Anyone interested?

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