tuesday 28/06/2011

I want Taylor for Enzo and Edd

Please Send me Private message if you are still looking at this thread.
I will post a new thread later today with a updated list of what I have and what I need.

If you are seeking cards not on this list, you can message me the clan you are seeking, and what cards you got to trade.

Please look for the new thread, as i will close this one.

Thank you all.

Offering 850k in clintz and cards

monday 27/06/2011

650k cash

Still looking and will buy them individually for those prices

Looking to trade my elya cr for tanaereva cr, caelus cr, and 4 copies of gil.

smiley thanks mods.

Plz send me a secure trade if you're interested. Thx

For reference Praxie, Tomas, Kenny


He is 9 k

Manfred made a good deal, should be fair to let him know if you are going to take his offer or leave it.

I have graks plz close

16 Kawamashi (19k)
2 Kolos (110k)
2 Graksmxxt (102k)
3 Dregn (183k)
5 Marty (10k)
3 Pastor (13k)

(total: ~435k)

all cards are 0exp

looking to trade them all at once. for all these id like a Tessa Cr and the remaining clintz in Stella 0exp. other offers will be considered but im really only looking for Tessa and or Stella. PM me for quicker responses.

Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

I'm looking to buy Vickie Cr.

I'm offering 120,000 clintz + Jackie Cr.

Feel free to PM me other offers for your Vickie Cr and maybe we can work something out.


I realized that i have no real practical use for him XD

sunday 26/06/2011

Buy alec cr from rescue for 100k pm me with offers (I might accept trades) or put in my private sales

regards and thanks for attention!

I would like a Kolos please but do not have the clintz for it.
Right now I can spare 13k in clintz and have the following cards:

Dorian, Ulrich, Tyler, Boris, Mawpin, Murphy, Stella, Neil, Ojibway, and Nellie.

Please let me know if we can work something out. Thanks!

First time posting on here so not sure how to make trades. Here are the cards I have to offer so let me know please.
- Tyler, Dorian, Stella, Murphy, Neil, Ulrich, Ojibway, Arawaka, Mawpin, Boris, Melanie, Kronnen and 10k in clintz.

I will trade my:

vickie cr
kerozin cr
alec cr 0xp
tanavera cr 0xp

for your marlysa cr.

if you are interested pn me smiley

thanks mods smiley

YOur offer is roughly 10m clintz short, tr adding some more stuff

I currently have 1x elya cr, 1x tanaereva cr, 1x miss twice cr, and 1x vickie cr up for trade.

i am looking for the following:
1x caelus cr,
bulk herman (any xp)
bulk eggman (any xp)
bulk melanie (any xp)
bulk laura (any xp)

all offers will be considered.

thanks mods. smiley

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