monday 13/06/2011

My Tanaereva Cr full xp for your Jackie Cr + 30K clintz.
That's a good deal, check their prices. I will lock this when the deal is over, but for now please consider this smiley

I will gice robb cr and Dorian and Fabio + 5600 for Kerozinn cr

Ill trade u page for grax

All set at 1500 each, or total at 48000 clintz, ill discount given if bought at bulk, or anything equivalent of that value is acceptable as well. Not looking for anything in particular

Thank you Mods for posting this

My jim cr and jackie cr for your vickie cr plus 12k


Buying selina for 5k clints

My Rowdy For Your Marco + WeeLee smiley

Last chance to make a trade for some of these cards before i start posting them in market so I can just buy needed cards.....PM if you have any of the cards I need and want to make a deal with me

Hey all, I'm searching for kiki cr! I would give 7 000 000 de clintz in cash for him smiley

PM me or post in this thread if you want to make the deal
Best regards,

Hi guys, I'm interested to buy/trade Lamar Cr.

I can offer:
Vickie Cr 0xp
Caelus Cr 0xp
+ 20k cash

Let me know if you are interested, thx smiley

I'm looking for full xp smiley not 0xp smiley PM me an offer if you're interested

I have her now looking for
Ditha and Clara

Trading my Tessa CR 0XP for Tessa full + a card of your choice (or clintz).

Im pretty set on a vickie, but if nothing is developing i might just take you up on that

No prob, but next time private message me for a more prompt reply

Willing to pay 1900 a piece or if 10 or more 2000 each

Market changed, so I'll update this...
My Tanaereva Cr (135K) for your Jackie Cr (95K) and 35K clintz.
Do the math, that is a good deal. You're virtually buying Tan Man for 130K!

PM for offers, but I can guarantee this won't last long...

Sujet clos smiley
i have my dj 's

sunday 12/06/2011

Hi all smiley
i offer for vickie cr:
jackie cr caelus cr and the rest with clintz or card
thnks Modsmiley

Wanting to trade the above cards for copper at the moment his price is around 30k might be able to negotiate

message me if intrested

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