sunday 26/06/2011

I would like a Kolos please but do not have the clintz for it.
Right now I can spare 13k in clintz and have the following cards:

Dorian, Ulrich, Tyler, Boris, Mawpin, Murphy, Stella, Neil, Ojibway, and Nellie.

Please let me know if we can work something out. Thanks!

First time posting on here so not sure how to make trades. Here are the cards I have to offer so let me know please.
- Tyler, Dorian, Stella, Murphy, Neil, Ulrich, Ojibway, Arawaka, Mawpin, Boris, Melanie, Kronnen and 10k in clintz.

I will trade my:

vickie cr
kerozin cr
alec cr 0xp
tanavera cr 0xp

for your marlysa cr.

if you are interested pn me smiley

thanks mods smiley

YOur offer is roughly 10m clintz short, tr adding some more stuff

I currently have 1x elya cr, 1x tanaereva cr, 1x miss twice cr, and 1x vickie cr up for trade.

i am looking for the following:
1x caelus cr,
bulk herman (any xp)
bulk eggman (any xp)
bulk melanie (any xp)
bulk laura (any xp)

all offers will be considered.

thanks mods. smiley

I no longer have Lola left... I am still buying cards though... I have 9000ctz to buy certain cards with private message me please!!! : )

I'm looking to sell Tessa Cr for around 390.000 clintz or trade for at least that much in cards. I like trades if the price is right. Private messages are best.

1 000 000 cash for the magic four

Put your price my price is 9000 clintz

Buy taylor for 5000 clintz

Close please

I will sell it smiley

saturday 25/06/2011

Buy marlysa Cr for 800.000k

send me PM smiley

Offer #1
Dregen +2500clintz for your Tsubame and Shaakarti (0 exps)

Offer #2
My Dregen + for your Tsubame + what ever to rare cards make up the value
Dregen = 60k Clintz
Tsubame = 39k Clintz
so I would want at least 20k clintz on other cards..
Here are the cards i need:
Cyb Lhia

I want bulk of these cards but not bad enough to trade my cr's if u decide to sell off individual for some or trade less for lesser cards pm plz other then that good lucksmiley

Got everything. Delete please, thanks mods

> Bonjour à tous je recherche une Marlysa Cr full xp
> Pour celà je propose:
> - 1 Robb Cr 0 xp
> - 1 Caelus Cr 0 xp
> - 2 Jackie Cr 0 xp
> - 1 Skullface Cr 0 xp
> - 2 Striker 0 xp
> - 1 Kolos 0 xp
> - 1 Ghumbo full
> - 2 Charlie 0 xp
> - 1 Ambre full
> - 2 Emeth 0 xp
> - 1 Numar 0 xp
> - 1 Dagg 0 xp
> - 1 Kreen Cr 0 xp
> J'estime ce lot entre 838 k clints et 860 k clints
> Pour une Marlysa 0 xp Je peux rajouter 1 Kolos 0 xp

1.500.000 Cash


1 x 0xp Reine Cr
1 x 0xp Splata Cr
2 x 0xp Caelus Cr
3 x 0xp Jackie Cr
1 x 0xp Page Cr
1 x 0xp Melissa Cr
1 x Full xp Kerozinn Cr
1 x Full xp Lamar Cr

3 x 0xp Kolos
2 x 0xp Cortez
3 x 0xp GraksmxxT

if u r interested please pm me

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