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sunday 07/08/2011

What about my 300,000 Clintz + a Kolos for your Lamar Cr? Offer also open to anyone else who reads this and wants to trade. PM if interested or just set up a secure trade.

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Just send me a message.

Exactly what the title says and i value both cards at 300,000 but if your vickie cr has 0 exp i will add 3k. Pm me for faster response

The title says it all. Thanks for your time! smiley

This is what I have for trade, all are 0xp.
PM me for faster response or post offers here.

Hikiyousan x2
Vermyn N

These are the ONLY cards I'm looking for right now (0xp)

Robb Cr
Noodile Cr

This should be in Guild Market.

Still looking for offers

saturday 06/08/2011

Looking to kolos
i current only have 58k
if so please put him in my PS
and i will buy him


I want to trade my full xp tessa cr for kerozinn cr and clintz or other cards (playable cr's)

pm me

Hey i have a kolos

I`m looking for a Vickie Cr but unfortunatly I dont have 300k Clintz for her so I need to make a trade.
I would give you these following cards for her:

6x Taylor (5x with Full XP and 1x with 0 XP)
6x Stella (4x with Full XP and 2x with 0 XP)
1x Dregn (Full XP)
1x Marina (Full XP)
1x Toro (Full XP)
60000 Clintz

My cards + clintz have a value about ~305k Clintz.
If you`re interesseted just send me a PM.

Plus extra clintz smiley

contat me by pm

I have 8 copies of Alec cr. I intresting un cash, Tanaereva cr/Cortez/GraksmxxT
my price for Alec cr is 106.000

Berzerk's needed taylor elvis lola beef kostner revok melanie gus kawamashi norman vivian esther drummond

Vortex's needed ofllgn c beast deea krung lovhak kronnen marty izsobahd

I change the offer, I am looking for 19 Taylor

Hi i have:

4 Kolos = approx 260K Clintz
12 Graks = approx 600K Clintz
13 Copper = approx 400K Clintz

Looking to trade these for either a Sum Sam Cr or both Aldebaran Cr + Armanda Cr.

I also have copies of Yayoi, Rowdy, Emeth, and Gil if you want alternatives / extras.

PM me if interested.


Please close this thread. I have trade away my caelus cr.

thank you smiley

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