thursday 07/07/2011

Would like to buy a 2-star Bloodh for 12 000 clintz. 0 exp preferable.

95 kronnen 0xp

Up for my friend smiley

I'll trade Caelus Cr for Graks + 2 Uranus + 8000 clintz or Dagg instead of the 2 Uranus.

Good Luck!!!

I have a robb cr and am looking to trade for a graksmxxt

I sell for 999...promise

Still looking for a gibson for my lulabee smiley

Yeah and dont expect 650k 4 a flavio cr full that isnt playable i value it 500k - 530k max
Tessa Cr 0xp is much better smiley

Sell for 265000
also looking for other crs
dregn and other vortex
cortez and taylor
and pretty much anything you can offer will take large bulks of cards!

Yayoi is full XP and I want Full XP of the others.

I'm still looking I will trade generously now for fast trades smiley

Need for my nightmares
Offering 14k, negotiable

Dregn is ideal, but I'm also looking for:


I have jackie and bloodh. have most of the collection except for a kolos anything else looking for?

I would wanna do tanaereva cr for a jackie cr

Deal should be done soon. Thanks all!

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