saturday 25/06/2011

I will trade my Vickie CR for 4 kolos, other offers are welcome.

I am looking to trade my ambrose cr (250k)

Looking for a vickie cr and something else to make up the difference.

Offer is negotiable so PM me if you are interested.

Buy Oflgn for 6400 clintz please

I am look ing to get all non cr Junks[hopefully 0xp]. I have 85,000+ clintz and some Nightmare cars like Nistarok[oxp and full], Azgroth[full], Ielena[0xp], Oshitsune[full], Azel[oxp], Pan[oxp], and Phyllis[full]

List or Pm for faster responses. The faster you offer the better chance you'll get it!

Available for trade:
Stella - 0xp
Coby - 0xp
Taylor - 0xp

I need:

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a Tessa Cr - I don't care about her exp lvl.

My offer: 1 Jackie Cr 0 exp , 1 Jackie Cr full , 1 Dregn 0 exp , 1 Copper 0 exp and a Caelus Cr full .

just answer here in this thread or pm me smiley


Already bought a wanda. Still looking for a yayoi worth 16500 or lower, gil worth 19k or lower.

STILL for sale

I trade my tana 0 exp for a tana full exp + clintz

make your offer!! (it's better in pm)

thanks mod smiley

Ghumbo and Mona for reference

friday 24/06/2011

I am interested in the following cards for him:
kolos 0 exp 55k
charlie 0 exp 48k
graksmxxt 0exp 48k
copper 30k
dregn 60k
up to 3 0exp jackie cr 100k
1x vickie cr any level 225k
1x tanerav cr 0exp 160k
you may also add up to 50k in clintz for him
All the non cr's on your end must be 0 exp
i do not care how many non cr's you trade i value ( example 21 dregns 0exp for my full sum sam)
The cr's also must be 0 exp except for vickie cr I don't care at what level she is at.

My sum sam cr is full and i value him at 1,320,000 clintz in trade
or 1,350,000 in straight clintz PM or post doesn't matter which. I will post the offers here please only serious offers/buyers

New offer my caelus cr a full noodile cr for your dagg, dregn, c wing, deea, and krung
I will add cash if needed

Plz send me a secure trade if interested. Thx a lot.

Close plz...have lamar cr

Does the 'WTB' stand for Wish To Buy?

Can anyone sell me Sylth for around 15,500? We can negotiate if you wish, thanks!

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