friday 24/06/2011

Still looking!

Close please

Or i can trade jay (full) + 10000 clints.

thanks mods!! smiley

I offer an alec cr caelus cr and noodile cr for a vickie cr. Pm me if you want to negotiate further, im pretty flexible with this stuff

thursday 23/06/2011

Closed topic thx smiley

Man if i had an extra toro for u i would buddy smiley good luck

Looking to buy multiple copies of cherry. looking to buy them for 250 a head. just put them in my PS. for larger offers a higher price can be negotiated.

It's my fault smiley i made this proposition on the french english and spanish forum... and i buy on the market all the globumm under 650 clintz! I just want a big collection of this card, for the pleasure smiley (around 15 000)

And i don't think that he'll become collector... i'm just a little crazy smiley

As the title suggests im looking to trade a Robb Cr for a GraksmxxT.

Pm me if your interested.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this.



I have for sale/trade the following:

Kolos 0xp - - - 54k
tessa cr full xp - - - 420k
Dregn full xp - - - 60k

Prices negotiable

i´m searching for many Lehanes. I offers 2500 for every.
I will buy every number of lehanes doesn´t matter how many you have just put them in my private sell!

So put them in private sale or pn me!


As in title, would love to trade 4 0xp robb cr for any xp vickie cr. Send a secure trade my way if interested. maybe message me so I see it.

While here, check my auction of 140 tagio -

Hey i am looking for a tessa cr . I will give you a Lamar cr (fullxp) + card around 20K of your choice.

Contact me if your are intrested smiley


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