tuesday 21/06/2011

Ill buy your Vickie for my Jim CR + the remaining clints

pm me for the fastest response

Will you accept jackie in place of tanaerva?

I want vickie cr!
i have:
34 ulawele
10 cherries
jackie cr
gina glitt
frankie hi

I am your man like said WTZ but u have to reduce the price smiley
contact me, i have a lot of copie of Pastor 0 xp cash and more stuff interesting but i don't want them to this price like i said,
I trade Selina 0 xp about 6K5 so u can contact me if you want,
It's upp to you smiley

Good luck !

Sold! u can close thank u and sorry for the work

monday 20/06/2011

Ill trade my caelus cr and 5k in cards for your dagg and dregn

Swidz Cr is now happley owned by me so that deal is off. The other 2 are still on though. smiley

Hi allsmiley
buy the miss or tana for my jackie cr and clintz or card...
contact by pm
thnks Modsmiley

No sorry, i'm looking only for copies of gilsmiley

Now selling Nahi Cr for 105k Negotiable.

No chance dude. Willing to start 'negotiations' at 850K, pls PM me.

Really looking to buy an Alec Cr

The cards I can trade are
Nahi Cr,
Beef (3),
Zhu Tang (4),
Neil (2),
Russel (2)

Not all of them, but ones that add up to a fair price. I also have about 7k.

Thanks smiley

A Cr is a collector card meaning that if you buy a pack there is no way for you to get the card from the pack. They can only be gotten buy the market, the lottery and events. You'll know when a card is a CR because there is the letters Cr after their name i.e Smokey Cr .

However, cards that are collectors (cr) were once available through packs, which is why older collectors like Melissa Cr are worth more then more recent collectors like Amiral Py Cr .

Deal has been made. Subject can be closed.

Dorian for u peeler

Ombre cr 0xp for u vickie

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