wednesday 01/06/2011

My guru 3 star for your general full
tnk mod
contact mp

I search min 100k of complement

Tht aint a prefull is it?

Anyone got a Marlysa he/she wants to trade?

Trading for Alec Cr Vickie Cr Jackie Cr any Combo of it + Clintz
Roughly around 600K

Please Close this thread

Add in Astrid to make it more balanced.

He doesnt have copper but his dagg is full

tuesday 31/05/2011

I'm sorry but that's not what I'm looking for. Thx anyway

Hi I have 8 phyllis for sale
6 x full xp
2 x 0 xp

looking for about 2600 each which is the current market price when this post was made.
also phyliss normally goes up to about 3000 a week so this is a good investment

I have a Caelus Cr full I'm wanting to trade or sell. I prefer the All-Stars and to trade him for these cards or 76k.
Robb Cr
El Gringo
Miss Jessie

I added up the total in the market and its between 75-76k clintz but feel free to make different offers.

I have 10 caelus cr 0xp up for trade and if you have multiples of graksmxxt to trade with me then we can trade.

My jackie cr and hikiyousan

I'm trading my Caelus Cr and 12k clintz (or card with similar value) for a Jackie Cr.

pm me if you are interested.

Uhm.. If you're looking for A Shawoman Cr I'd trade mine for you're Vickie Cr Though You'd have to use clintz.

I just posted a Trade Copper thread and i obviously mistyped his name (i misread Coby...) sorry for my mistake... please pm me if interested

Super you can send both the cards but if you dont buy credits send 1 then later send another

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