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tuesday 20/09/2011

X2 peeler, leviatonn, toro and veenyle cr for him

pm me with other offers or cards u may want

thx mods

I am looking to trade a Robb Cr; a Pyro; and a Rhyno for a Kolos (any xp)

Will Trade Ongh, Fixit, Toro, Willy, Plus 8000 Clintz
For Kolos Please People Really Need This Card Bad

Cards i have to offer:

cortez 0xp x2
Marco cr 0xp x2
noodile cr 0xp x3
Amiral Py Cr 0xp x2
Aurora 0xp
Kerry 0xp

and various others. pm mesmiley

Anyone intrested?

PM me if your looking to trade your sigmund cr and let me know what your looking for. i have playable cr cards and lots of cards such as dreen and edwin (just 2 examples) so PM me i value sigmund cr around 340k and i will give excellent deals for the right person smiley

Looking to trade for vortex lots. I prefer rare vortex cards and I prefer 0xp. I will consider any 0xp vortex though. PM me an offer.

monday 19/09/2011

My vickie cr 0xp for lot veenyle 0xp

thanks mod

Looking for 3 jackie mona and clintz will accept others but at least 1 jackie cr is a must

Thx, got him, close smiley

Looking for: Smokey Cr, Diyo Cr, Cassio Cr
I have some clintz and some other cards. Let me know if we can make a deal.

Thanks mods.

My Dwain Cr(0xp)&Miss Twice Cr(0xp)&5 000Clintz for Splata Cr?


Exactly as the title i value them both at the same price

I sell 14 taylor 0xp for 16.5k

I want cash or :
1 kolos, 1 jackie cr, 1 blaaster, 1 ambre, 1 vernym M, 1 ghumbo.

Hey folks,

I'm looking for a Vickie cr

I'd offer 2 Jackies, 1 0 xp, 1 full + xxx clintz

thanks mods

I am looking for the following
Marlysa Cr @ 920K clintz
Tessa Cr @ 420K clintz
Tan Man @ 180K clintz
Selsya Cr @ 100K clintz
Jackie Cr @ 105K clintz
Nightmare Crs (Ambrose Cr + Ombre Cr + Dwain Cr + Thaumaturge Cr) @ 640K clintz

I have the following to offer (my estimated value)
Rass Cr (640K)
Lamar Cr (380K)
Elya Cr (300K)
Caelus Cr (90K)
3 Melvin (10K@)
2 Coby (12K@)
2 Jakson (7K@)
3 Juicy Lord (4K@)
3 Shann (8K@)
3 Vermyn N (16K@)

All other Crs welcome for discussion. Please pm sensible offers to discuss. smiley

Swidz Cr 75000 clintz
or trade make offer cards

thanks mods

Offer is still available.

My 4 rob cr for you tan mensmiley

Still looking smiley

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