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wednesday 30/11/2011

I have for sale 300 0xp Norman. I also have another hundred that are mixed xp for sale.

The 0xp I am looking for 800 apiece. The non 0xp 720 apiece.

I looking for other lots or crs

I value tsubame for 63k..she is currently at least 65k in the market..pm me for card trades

Trading my caelus cr for the following, if interested please pm me.

2x veenyle cr 0xp
2x noodile cr 0xp
1 Melanie
1 rudy

I value tsubame for 63k because at the moment her value now is 64k
I need clintz but can also be traded with any set of these cards

1st set
-Jane Ramba
-these cards are equal to 62500 clintz

Set 2
-B Ball
-+2500 clintz

set 3

PM me for Trade

By compliment I mean cards or clintz because I value 0 exp higher than full exp

sorry for some confusion. Thanks Mods.

Still looking...again best deals would be Lao Cr + Marlysa Cr, I can add complements...or a minimum 2M worth of cards and clintz...all playable Crs I will take at slight premium to market price...smiley

tuesday 29/11/2011

He Im willing to trade


for a Uranus

I have some cards that i want to trade for multiple Kiki. i have:

C Beast
C Wing
Cyb Lhia
Kusuri x3

all cards are 0exp. im looking for 45 Kiki for the lot OR Selsya Cr. pm me for faster response

thanks mods for postin

If no offers are given I'll just start purging the lots to normal market, since the prices are mostly already at the -or above - lot price, or even higher. I'll wait to tomorrow evening (europe); after that this deal is off.

Looking to trade my mona for someone's Uranus. smileysmiley

Right now, the different on the market is about 3000. Any takers?

As the title says. pls pm me

monday 28/11/2011

Buy all your toro 0exp
I offer card as Graksmxxt, Kenny, Glorg, Ielena, Oshitsune
You find me in private

Sorry no. but pm me and i may have other cards that spark your interest smiley

I'm looking to sell/trade Rass cr 0xp for a lil bit lower than the current market pricesmiley

Cards that I'm interested in are:
Kerozonin cr
Tanaereva cr
Tessa cr

I'm also open to other offers. Just pm mesmiley

Hello, I would like to trade my 0xp Cassio cr for multiple lots of 0xp 5* cards. I want any of the following 0xp lots: Boyle, Glenn, Gork, Melinda, Neil, Python, Tino, Tyler, Vince, Rosen. I would like only those cards and I want the offer to match the price that Cassio cr currently is.

I would trade for kolos, or any other cards worth 60k

I want 1 jackie Cr + 145k in cash.

Thank you.

If do you want to negociate, please, send PM smiley

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