thursday 07/04/2011

At this current moment on market he or she is 6180
ill offer 5800 ?

Thx for you i finish my Izsobahd now i don't need more !

[BUY] + title
Write the name of the card you want to buy.
Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

Sorry, I wanted to write a "block" smiley

I have 9500 clintz and i would like to buy Kenny.Any offers?

No interest?

I'll trade you 300 clitz and tin for any two or more vortex.

wednesday 06/04/2011

I'll give you Hawk for Swidz Cr

Im looking for severals Cooper better 0xp
I can offer others cards
PM for negociate

Scarlett Cr full exp
value about 1.7M

I trade her for a combination of:
- clintz
- Caelus Cr
- Jackie Cr
- Tanaereva Cr
- Kerozinn Cr
- Vickie Cr
- Splata Cr
- Lamar Cr
- Tessa Cr
- Dragan Cr
- Marlysa Cr

contact me by PM

(thanks mods)

I'm interested also to a kiki cr i can offer my lyse teria cr 0 exp+complement...thank modsmiley

120k Clintz, any level smiley

I'm looking for lots of leviaton or toro and no 1 leviatonn and 1 toro..

Looking for a Marina

Will trade:
+ clintz

Thankx Modz smiley

Got one
close please!!

[AUCT] + title
In a auction you MUST write :
A start price (be realistic an choose a proper one).
A deadline (date and time)
You could also indicate a (proper) reserve price.

Write a clear and accurate subject or we will have to refuse it.

Example :
My auction will end on Monday = NO
My auction will end on 31/01/2011 at 20h30 = OK

If at all possible will a mod delete all posts after the 1st page? would be greatly appreciated please and thank you.

Tessa cr
I value my Tessa Cr (370 000) and the shift by
Vortex clan clan All Stars (with Robb Cr)kolos and 85 000

I appreciate the clan
Vortex 145 000 clintz
All Stars 80 000 clintz
Kolos 52 000 clintz

Total 277 000 +85 000 = 362 000

that's all thanks mod's

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