monday 20/06/2011

Card has been traded smiley

Yes I am looking for a discount referencing 145K market price.

Full or 0xp will do.

Please private sale and PM me.

TrinmkkT for refrence

Hey guys im trading my logan for a baldovino or another good freaks card

Kolos for a graks.

I have an extra Methane up for trade. I am looking for some vortex cards or Fang Pi characters. What do have any extra characters up for trade?

Youre trading 115k in oxen for vickie cr...? double that and we have a deal smiley

I am looking for a tessa cr. in return i can offer u 375k in trade. pm me if intrested. thnx to the mods

sunday 19/06/2011

Close, thanks mods :3

Thank you slick_back smiley

And seaskulls cr please do not spam

Full or 0xp will do. PM for quick response.

Already got one...

Okay since none of you get it would you like for me to show all the cards I'm willing to sell? I really want a Tessa Cr and everyone that has her try's to ignore me, or wants touch for her. So please just tell me what you want for her and I'll see if I have it.

I am putting of the ff for grabs:


Noodile Cr

All Skeelz non-Cr

All Uppers non-Cr

My price is 210k in clintz, or 200k in cards. I prefer to sell them in bulk, but individual offers are also OK. Send offers to my PM or post here. Prices are negotiable.

Im looking 4 crs like NDololo Cr Aldebaran Cr Rass Cr Armanda Cr Dragan Cr Marlysa Cr
And interestings offers as well all can be negociate smiley

I offer 1 norman for sashasmiley

Trade complete

I sold them all except for Dregn, Shakarti, and Marty
for 145k so there. Dregn + Shakarti + Marty =95K
Would equal 250k!!!!!!!
So there! smiley

Forgot to mention all cards full, pm me for a quicker response

Plus the staff takes its sweet time, i STILL havent gotten a charlie i got scammed out of when she was selling for 16k, just a warning

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