saturday 02/07/2011

I would like to trade my marlysa cr plus 40k for 10 cealus cr.

i mainly want cealus but will listen to other trade offers near marlysa crs price smiley


I want sum sam cr pm me for my both card

Need a shaakarti willin to trade pm me if ur interested pzl

I wanna trade my 0xp Vickie Cr for a full xp Vickie Cr + complement around 4-5k...
The complement is negiotable, pm me!

My Miss twice cr full xp for your:

Charlie, any xp
Cassio cr, any xp
And 30k worth of cards or 1 card w/e

Price has risen so it will be 5 peelers

if it lowers down to 10k ill do 6

1 Caelus and 1 Yayoi are gone

Norman for reference

I am willing to trade my robb cr for the rescue clan minus alec cr
i dont expect anyone to take that deal so you may pick amoung the following cards to even the deal up
i can also add up to 10k to the deal
pm me for faster response

How about my cortez to your kolos + kenny ?

Thanks people, but trade is now closed. Now have kolos and kenny!

Close Please. Traded it.

Babs I like that you're always helping out. smiley

Greetings fellow UR people smiley i have a Seldnor Cr and a Geuner Cr and Serena + 3k that id like to trade for 2 Kreen Cr and exp. please message me if you are interested

Pics or gtfo

I will trade you flip

friday 01/07/2011

Price changing smiley

taylor 9500
beef 1800smileysmileysmiley
gus 1200
kawamashi 1100

lets go guys my privet sale are open smiley

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