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sunday 18/09/2011

Any level of Tsubame..
43k =)

I trade me 2 peelers +2k clintz for ray, naginata and jane ramba

Check you private sales. There's one.

Anybody? Ombre cr 0xp = 190 000

Hey all, I have a Dregn for trade. Mostly interested in Piranas/clintz, but will consider other offers. Pm me if you want to negotiate!

Accept other offers too like bulk of cards etc.. tysmiley

Your offer 310,000....

i give you elya cr 0xp for all cards.

I have a dregn for trade for piranas, pm me if youre interested

Dont worry got Charlie

Marlysa sold, board closed

I got 65K, someone is interesed?

Good luck dude, i buy my for:
GraksmxxT Level 4 - bought from - Devil - - 43 800 Clintz.

the best card i ever bought smiley

i am hoping he get CR, then he would cost alot more smiley

saturday 17/09/2011

Close plz.
thnx mods

Wee Lee full is at 12k, and you want to buy 11k the 0xp?

I sell you my 10 Wee Lee 0xp for 14k each, interested?

Any more offers?

I have 3 cortez (2 0 exp)

Ok. i give you dalhia for veenyle 0xp

Tanaereva Cr, Caelus Cr, Dorian, C Beast, Zatman, C Wing, Ratanah, Toro, Arno, Maurice y Herman.

For Vickie Cr = 335 k

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