saturday 11/06/2011

Kailangan mo bumili ng credits para makapagtrade ka at makapagbenta !

Made myself on market.. thanks to all offers smiley

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Ok i have kenny, ghumbo, lelena,a 0 exp phyllis, pan and not much else i have smaller cards like dieter, edwin and arawaka... but i have multiple kolos and most staple of bangers except for vermynn and blaaster, i'm also looking for staples of uluwatu but mostly tanman.

friday 10/06/2011

Pm me,i got jane ramba and amiral py crsmiley

Looking for around 750000 in clintz or cards for Lao Cr, I'll consider all offers. Private messages are best.

Want a kolos and ongh and something else that would make up the difference we can negotiate pm for faster response

How much for shann and lennox?

Im looking for these cards and if u have just pm mesmileysmileysmiley


My lazy friend S2N_farewell is looking to trade the following cards for Tanaereva Cr

Dregn (currently 62k on the market)
SkrumxxT (currently 5k on the market)
Jautya (currently 2300 on the market)
and 60,000 clints
TOTAL : 129,300
Dagg (currently 36k on the market)
Dregn (currently 62k on the market)
and 25,000 clints
TOTAL 130,300

If you interested please make a secure trade with him via his profile. Any questions regarding negotiations please contact S2N_farewell

* and anyone wants a card send me a mail *

Kolos' value is about 56k so I'll list the cards I need with current value.
1. Selma - 13k
2. Hawkins - 12k
3. Sigma - 6k
4. Pastor - 4.5k
And 21k.

Still byuing Vickie Cr and Splata Cr

I am selling wanda 100 wanda (50 0xp and 50 full)
0xp = 3750
full = 3600

PM me preferably but you can post here too

Close please


I have 4750k in Clintz and some Jackies and other stuff, please contact me, I'm thinking about a price around 5000k

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