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tuesday 12/07/2011

Scratch burger i dont need him anymore. So Dalhia for Naginata Bryan and Gatline or just 1 Emethsmiley
Anyone if you choose to trade all 3 you save like 5000 6000ish Clintz

Im selling Taylor for 17100 clintz msg me if you want him i also might haggle but not to low

Easy as pie: one card for the other, regardless of market fluctuations.
I would accept Cortez full exp, as I intend to use him to play.

Just send me a pm if interested.
Thanks to the mods.

I have A mix of card that are all 0exp that I would like to sell or trade.

Alec cr / a award cr / reine cr / Chad bread cr / kolos / grakmxxt / Charlie / shaakarti

asking price is 600k ( market price is always changing so it's not the final price I'm looking for)
I would like clintz or crs (looking for crs that I don't have like rass cr ect)
pm me with your offer and if you have any questions


Id like the vortex clan. pm me and we can work out a deal

Also willing to do alternative offers, just pm me / comment smiley

monday 11/07/2011

Please close this thread i found what i was looking for

Im looking to trade smokey cr for about 20 Dallas. pm me if interest

thanks mods for posting

I want to trade 3 Tanareva crs lvl 3 against vickie cr and kerozinn cr

please write me a pm
thanks to mod

For 6400, yes?

Emmmmmm in the market is 2800


420 Esther 0exp 270 tete
60 Beef full 3300 tete
150 Beef 0exp 4300 tete
277 Norman 0exp 890 tete
55 Drummond 0exp 250 tete
5 Taylor 0exp 17000 tete
19 Kawamashi 1250 tete


171 Russel 2600 tete

I'll reserve the bid for lots 2,3, and 4

I will trade 4 maxxed hawk and a maxxed smokey cr for any lvl alec cr

Hi,i trade my elya cr.i'm interest of these cards:
caelus cr
jackie cr
alec cr

Contact me with a private message

Um angela and feddy i think he is looking to buy these cards not sell them

Up, nothing dj for me?smileysmiley

Pm me bojax, i might be willing to work something out, but not with those cards

I want Jackie Cr for 93 000 , but we can discuss a price

4 robb, 1 Terry Cr, 1 Chikko Cr, 1 Lao Cr , 1 Seldnor Cr, 1 Diyo Cr, 1 Geuner Cr, 1 Selsya Cr, 1 Sigmund Cr, 1 ambrose, 1 dwain cr, 1 ombre cr, 1 thaumaturge cr , 1 cassio cr , 1 ndololo cr , 3 Noodile Cr, 1 Page Cr, 1 a award cr, 1 Reine Cr, 1 Melissa Cr, 1 skullface cr , 1 swidz cr , 2 caelus cr , 1 chead bread cr , 1 jakie cr , 1 jim cr,
FOR CASH or FOR CARDS (max smiley
In private the offers
thanks mod

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