thursday 30/06/2011

Going to buy buck or for trade to my cards.. i got elvira-taljion-ditha for 1 full xp buck tnx

Vickie cr Full or 0 XP?

Buying one for 84k. Tnxsmiley

I sent you a pm
still no reply

wednesday 29/06/2011

Dregn (0exp) and Charlie (full) for Nahi cr
Please PM me
I value Nahi cr at about 100k

Jackie cr for reference smiley

I'm offering this 0xp indisible bulk of cards, only cash accepted:

- Kerozinn Cr
- Splata Cr
- Vickie Cr
- Tanaereva Cr
- Jackie Cr
- Ahkab

cards are estimated following market prices

Thanks Mod smiley

The 2 Sylth leaving me, but the others still waiting for theier new owner smiley

Well both Caelus Cr & Jackie Cr are increasing in value smiley

Here is what I will currently offer for Guru Cr:

52 Caelus Cr (all 0xp) = 5.46 - 5.7 Mil


40 Caelus Cr (all 0xp) + 10 Jackie cr (all 0xp)

I'm ready to negotiate smiley

What do you want Dregn. send me a pm if you want a trade.

Oh and I also have Rosen and Jeena to trade. Jeena is the only full xp out of these cards I have to trade.

I trade my Robb Cr for

50 Vansaar 0xp+ 50 Slimann 0xp


100 Candy jack 0xp + 100 mort bax 0xp

All ray is 0xp for maxed?

I would like to buy or trade for Nahi Cr. I have Copper Kolos Dregn, Charlie and Caelus Cr and 30,000 clintz. Please pm me reasonable offers =]

Not alot of US player have the cards your after
you could try the french forums

I'm looking for a top tier CR and I'm willing to trade for one. I've got a Sigmund CR, Robb CR, and Terry that I can put up front and I'm willing to part with most of my collection if I have to. I'll listen to any realistic deals or questions, just PM me

Thanks mods.

Got him close pleasesmiley

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