thursday 09/06/2011

Ok full or 0xp?

wednesday 08/06/2011

Lol, no way in hell. (at the guy above me)

mods close pls, all done smiley

Hey everyone looking to buy Arno and Lola for a bit under market price. 6K for Arno and 7K for Lola. PM me or post here if interested.

and cliff

21k for the 3 pm me for fast trade

thanks modss smileysmileysmileysmiley

Your Alec Cr to my
0 exp kolos and Dregn

I m looking for piranas card but another card are welcome

Hi all smiley

I'd like to trade my 0xp Tessa cr (385k) for:

a 0xp Tanaereva cr +
2 0xp Caelus cr +
clintz or other cards for an amount of about 85k

Thanks Mod smiley

There are currently 3 Loa Cr on the market under your price (770k) if you like.

I am trading or selling for Clintz my Jim Cr. Negotionable prize: 150k
I am also interested in trades for cards who accumulate the 150k, but only cards who's value is over 20k. ie cards like Charlie, Robb Cr,...
Another possible trade: Kerozinn Cr+ some cards or clintz and Jim Cr

Repeat: These characters are for trade not for sale

Buying azgroth at 4300.
pm for faster response.
thanks mod smiley

p/s: Long Live The Nightmare Clan smiley

tuesday 07/06/2011

I am selling one Lola card, it is full experience, I'm asking for 9,500 clintz... Private message me to set up the sale or haggle the price!!!

Send me Bridget for 250 clinz

Wanting to buy Dregn, and willing to trade Rowdy, Peeler, Fuzz, and Chloe, plus throw in 28k. Puts it over market price.

PM me if interested.

Private message me if interested...,
Lola is going for 10,000 clintz and Jeeves is going for 2,000...

Willing to pay 24k clintz

Hi, i´m looking to trade my Kero full

for little high cards like : Kolos , Graksmxxt , Berseerk clan , Dregn , Jackie

pm me with offers


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