tuesday 28/06/2011

Norman has been very up and down lately but is most of the time at the 550-650 range

Close please all sold

[Trade] Enzo and Edd for Taylor

Lin Xia (11k)
Toro (16k)
XU52 (13k)
Ongh (22k)
Sylth (17k)
Mona (18k)
Ahkab (15k)
Selma (14k)
Dalhia (22k)
Aurora 0exp (11k)
Hax 0exp (13k)
Kerry (12k)
Jay (10k)
Praxie (10k)
Dorian (12k)
Zatman (13k)

roughly about 230k. looking to trade all these for Kerozinn or Vickie Cr. will add clintz to make up the difference.

i also have:

13 Dallas 0exp
16 Kawamashi 0exp
4 Pastor (1 full, 3 0exp)

PM me for faster response. trades will be considered over clintz.

thanks mods for posting smiley

Hey how much for buck??

Hi i want Corvus Belgosi Eloxia thomas no nam Estalt and i will give u hawk for all of this card pm me for faster respond and u can give me one by one but i will not buy it until all the card i want is there if the fist person sell me the card i will accpet it but if another person selll me the card i will refuse because i only have one hawk

THX mod

Buck for Drahera

Nothing materialized, the letter is still available for exchange

I want Taylor for Enzo and Edd

Please Send me Private message if you are still looking at this thread.
I will post a new thread later today with a updated list of what I have and what I need.

If you are seeking cards not on this list, you can message me the clan you are seeking, and what cards you got to trade.

Please look for the new thread, as i will close this one.

Thank you all.

Offering 850k in clintz and cards

monday 27/06/2011

650k cash

Still looking and will buy them individually for those prices

Looking to trade my elya cr for tanaereva cr, caelus cr, and 4 copies of gil.

smiley thanks mods.

Plz send me a secure trade if you're interested. Thx

For reference Praxie, Tomas, Kenny


He is 9 k

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