tuesday 07/06/2011

Wanting to buy Dregn, and willing to trade Rowdy, Peeler, Fuzz, and Chloe, plus throw in 28k. Puts it over market price.

PM me if interested.

Private message me if interested...,
Lola is going for 10,000 clintz and Jeeves is going for 2,000...

Willing to pay 24k clintz

Hi, i´m looking to trade my Kero full

for little high cards like : Kolos , Graksmxxt , Berseerk clan , Dregn , Jackie

pm me with offers


I want to buy kolos for 38k and a yayoi 0xp

pm me

Put him in my private sales

Anyone? this is a good offer

Hey manfred

Sent you a secure trade smiley

Plz close, cause i have found a deal. Thanks wattz and mods smiley

Buying Bulks of these meaning 10 +

Chiara = 4.5k
Manfred = 1.3k

If anyone have large bulks willing to trade for Crs

No i cant on the ipod but i am going to library towmorry so i will give kolos then sorry for delaysmiley

I'm selling and or trading my lola and my skrumxxt, they are both FULL EXP I am using mobile so please bear with me for trades... I figured it out on mobile just takes like 10 minutes for everything to load!!!
Please message me for any inquiries!!! : )
Prices for both will be told when you message me, thank you!!! : )

Still waiting.....

monday 06/06/2011

Haha Ghaims you turn on the english topic smiley

I offer x2 willy for charlie 0 xp
pm me for faster response

I am interested in:


Please message me if you are willing to trade. 0xp perfered

Thx Mods smiley

I want to trade the following for a tan man cr:
willy x2
0 xp uranus
0 xp dagg

pm me for faster response

I have a MOFO Caelus. You have Dragan?!

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