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wednesday 14/09/2011

New offer 61500 clintz.

Im looking for 4 marco for 240k and 3 veenyle for 80k

pm me plz

ty smiley

My guru Cr tells your Lyse Teria Cr

Goodluck my friend smiley

Also, I will trade my Dragan Cr for 11 Marco. smiley

Check my other thread close this please

Any exp for 45k. Just message me.

Im looking to buy any terry cr 0xp for 10,500 clintz smiley

put it on my private sales smiley

tnx tnx tnx smiley

I have Maurice and Nellie, both full exp to trade. I am looking for Taham full exp.

Current price of:
Maurice 4.9k
Nellie 2.6k
Taham 6.4k

I can either trade both Maurice and Nellie for your Taham plus 2k clintz compliment, or trade Maurice + other assorted cards equal to the price difference. Thanks.


Accep other offers like bulk of cards....

Anybody has a general Cr which traine in that collection ?

I'd rather not part with it without getting another Sigmund for it, sorry.

I am willing to trade my level 4 Dahlia (which i'll value at around 22k-24k) for

Kerry (9k- 10k right now)
Sledg (4.4k-4.6k)
Pastor (4.1k-4.2k)
Elvira (2k)
Anita (2k)


Rowdy (15-16k) +Taham (7k)

Feel free to PM me with offers

I have one, if you want i can change itsmiley

HI i want a vickie cr, i can pay for her with tan man cr and marco cr (new cr ) and if that's now enough then we can negotiate. Tell me if interested.

I have for sale/trade all 0xp:
Lin Xia
and Ill add
miss chloe and miss lulabee.

I would be willing to trade these cards for any full clans minus the crs except for pussycats, sakrohm, rescue, uppers, montana, or gheist. I am willing to trade for any other clan and am open to cash overs as well (its over 90k, probably near 100k) we can negotiate. Pm me for faster response or post on here.

Still looking. I'm also interested in some uncommon newbloods

Still looking...

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