monday 28/03/2011

Trading Caelus Cr for...

Charlie (28.5k)
Blaaster (18k)
Vermyn N (14k)

sunday 27/03/2011

Maybe for 3 Owen, people might consider this... why post unreasonable and absurd trades?

I'll trade you, my name is asain boy 808 ALL SPACES!

Still looking to sell these, lowest 0xp in market is 69, 777 so message me if your looking for a 0xp Graksmxxt

Cards i have:
robb cr

looking for:
jackie cr or alec cr

I am selling full Nightmare no Cr for 120k
and Full Piranas with Cr for 120k
Also a Jim Cr 0xp for market price

PM me please

Buy Tanaereva cr, i offer 45k + robb 0xp + vholt 0xp + chikko cr 0xp smiley
pm if you`re interested
thx mods smiley

Nothing interested? if you have general cr or guru cr we can also speak smiley

My Alec for your 2 Graks, at any xp.

I don't know why, but I just got a thing for near naked, fire breathing women

Traded. Thanks mod.

I offer jim cr + nahi cr + kreen cr.

Purchased kronnen already so i will pay 11.3k for it all now cept for kronnen or i will also buy individually

I have done the maths and it basically addds up however it isn't the offer i wish to take thank you

saturday 26/03/2011

Thats a discount tsubame with a free kuei

I am now looking for a complement of about 100k in clintz or Cr's smiley

Well i need him to complete The Vortex 's so i need him so bad!!!

Here you go *Gives him a Chupa Chups* smiley

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