monday 16/05/2011

Looking to buy bulks, no card inparticular pm me with offers, any card will be considerd. i have clintz/cards.
thanks mods.

Mod you can close de subject thanks

Close please...thanks.

Clintz or trade wat u want

You still looking for her ?

I am trading for them.

Btw, the trade is negotiable and please PM me if interested smiley

Ill buy ur stacy for 2.7k

If you already have your cards up for auction, it is not necessary to make another thread smiley

I offer 100k and alec cr for vickie, or other cr cards please leave a message on this thread if you want to make an offer.

Already sold, please close moderators

Me how much pm me

Glorg + Vince for Wee Lee...

sunday 15/05/2011

Preferably pure clintz, no bulk trades

Very tempting lot but im not so keen on admiral py cr what i want is hax, aroura, kerry, marco, pastor and steve the rest is perfect but if u hve these two i would accept

Forgot to mention, Please, no silly "I will give you 1 Kamakura for your taham" or 2 kamakura, just a waste of my time and inbox space smiley

Sry man but thats almost half what shes worth

I'll take all Jeyn for 310 each. I also sent a PM.

GraksmxxT for reference.smiley

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