tuesday 01/03/2011

Still got a 0xp jackie?

2 jackie cr full

My stricker, maria, rowdy and 10k in clints for your diyo cr, page cr, or seldnor cr.
I didnt know how to word it right but to eliminate possible confusion thats my 3 cards plus clints for any one of the cr's listed. pm me for faster response.

I am buying any Marina or Uranus
Marina 8.5k full - 8.7k 0xp a head
Uranus 12k full - 12.5k 0xp a head

PM me
Thanks Modssmiley

monday 28/02/2011

I want to buy a alec cr for 65000 please

15x z3e0 d34d , (4 0xp) at 5300 each,

Also take Crs or Marina(8000 each) for trade

Mods can close thankssmiley

Your prices are unrealistic but ill offer 6k per terry cr

I'll sell Frank for 227 ctz and Feelyn for 342ctz. Who's first?

For Lots of 25 or more,I could even offer more smiley

Hey all, Im looking for Dregn pretty badly, i am willing to part with a few cards to get one.
Some cards in my possession:

And others, so feel free to PM me, thanks!!

I have one and I will trade for 7k in Rescue cards.
xu52 worth 7500-8500 clintz on market.

As a Vortex collector I'll sell a full Vortex set all full EXP
PM if interested
I am interested in cr cards and will give discounts for any offers that include cr cards
PM only.
I wish you luck, but I think Dregn wil CR soon.
Its higher than Kolos

I no longer need to exchange Chiara

13 GraksmxxT
78 Lehane
21 Noodile Cr

I am buying 35 Selina 0xp for 5k each

PM me smiley

Thanks a lot mods.

Want Jackie Cr. Many.

Have to trade:
1 Blaaster; 2 Terry Cr, 1 Vermyn N, 2 diyocr, 2 Geuner Cr, 1 Lin Xia, 4 Taham, 1 Morphun,4 Glorg, 1 Kenny (0xp), 1 Bloodh, 1 Dalhia, 8 Tyd, 3 Cassio Cr, 1 Louise, 1 Aurora, 1 Hax, 1 kerry, 2 Marco, 1 Sledg, 1 Arno, 2 shakra, 1 hawk, 1 coby, 1 shayna, 1 C Beast, 3 swidz cr and 2 seldnor cr.

Private message me with your offers.

No sorry, I'd rather sell them as full smiley

I would like to see what offers I get for my Nightmare collection. All together there are 32 cards. These include all of the active characters (Yes, kolos and kenny too) except for the new blood edwin, and Dwain Cr. So all of the current cards except edwin, and a 0xp Dwain Cr. Market value 200,000 clintz. Any offers (realistic only please) Thanks Mods

I wantz eggman!

sunday 27/02/2011

Ok since i have gotten a couple replies on this ill restate it clearer. I am looking for fang pi clang and junkz everything else is trade

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