saturday 26/02/2011

AM selling or trading 25 piece of Candice for 14K for all or any less amount for fair price or cards


PM me with offers for faster replay

AM selling or trading many copies of my Vortex as follow:

C Blade *10 FOR 11K
C Wing *10 FOR 65K
Deea *15 FOR 36K
Heegrn *10 FOR 23K
Lehrg *15 FOR 6K
Neloe *20 FOR 9.5K
Sunder *15 FOR 6K

cards can be sold with less quantaties for a fair price or cards

PM with offers for faster response

ِAM also accepting cards not just clintz,,,,so show me some offers

I trade my manon cr for malyssa cr,kerozinn cr,nahi cr and 950k
without trading i sell it almost 2million.....

That's cheap people, good luck smiley

Currently Just
Mort Bax
Currently lowest market value

Can this be deleted , she is sold


I would like to buy your Uranus. I can trade Cr for bulk. I am willing to pay 15k each for bulk Uranus.


I offer
Marlysa Cr 0 xp
I want in return:
Marlysa Cr full xp + Smokey Cr + Noodile Cr

PM me

4 Tsubame for trade, 2 max 2 0xp. 20k a piece.
Looking for Jackie cr and Tanaerva Cr XD
will add for tan man

If you are interesting in trading, please write the cards you have to offer

I will trade you but I do not have Caelus, Praxie, Otto, or Belgosi. Otherwise, sure. If you are willing to accept this, then pm me.

friday 25/02/2011

Im looking for 900 000 to 1 000 000 in either cash or a mix of crs pm if interested

Mr big, I have lelena, PM me for more info.

AM selling 25 piece of Candice for 14K for all or any less amount for fair price


PM me with offers for faster replay

I am looking to trade my Armanda Cr & Rass Cr smiley

I would like offers to contain some of the following cards:

Sum Sam Cr
Berserkgirl Cr
Shawoman Cr
Marlysa Cr
Dragan Cr
Aldebaran Cr
Vickie Cr
Jackie Cr

I also can make up the difference for any potential trade in cash if needed smiley
(for example...... my Armanda + 400k cash for a Sum Sam)

Please post here or pm me with any offers smiley

Thanks Mods as Always for Posting smiley

Kero's Goin Up Bro, She'll Be 200K Soon!

Marlysa Cr Level 2 - sold to ******* - 744 000 Clintz.
I really dont know how people gets interested and occuped on taking care of others life
live your life and let others do the same

I want...
Lamar Cr

I got....

> Nimestiec x 40
> Dacote x 28
> Scotty x 12
> Dreen x 72
> Oxen x 20
> Wendel x17
> Radek x 27
> Amanie x 20
> Shann x 28
> Spiaghi x 20
> Greow x 5
> Sung Tsu x 5
> Sylth x1
> Taham x1
> Hattori x1
> Olga x1
> Hawk x1
> Jackie Cr x1
> Ongh x1
For trade.

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