friday 06/05/2011

I traded with him..u can close it...smiley

Elya Cr 0xp for max + compliment
Kerozinn Cr 0xp for max + Compliment

Pm me for faster response

Close please mods

Found one, mods please close this.

Ich gebe dir 60.000

Hello i sell or trade my kiki cr for a value of 7.2M cash or 7.3M cash+cards or only cards if you are interested can contact me

thank modsmiley

23.7k each or good offer

Please understand the prices are highly fluctuating. When I posted the above post the value was 53k. Now it is 57k. So I will still give the same offer.

Flavio cr for:

1 tanaereva cr
3 noodile cr
1 smokey cr
1 robb cr
1 kerozinn cr
1 diyo cr
1 geuner cr

the cards together are ~650k

mail me please

I am selling my smokey xcr 0 xp lvl 1 for 42.4k or trading for graks. pm me for a faster response

I have 2 Kerozinn Cr both are 0exp. looking to sell them for clintz or trade them for a clintz and card combo. i value both of my Kerozinn at 212k a piece and of course negotiations can be made.

im looking for clintz mainly but these cards will be given special interest:

Tanaereva Cr
Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr

PM's will get a sooner response.
thanks mods for posting

Trade finished, Close this please mods.

Also buying vickie cr for 205 000 clintz

Looking for 24 more =)

Down to 83k... This is a better deal then buying with clintz as you do not lose money with taxes..

thursday 05/05/2011

What y can give for my guru cr 0xp ?

Im searching for a Vickie Cr and offer you Caelus Cr full + 2 Dregn full. I think it's fair so pm me if you're interested.

Deal is closed, mods close this thread.

Oh sorry i want to say 10 charlie + 1 caelus cr 0xp, sorry for my error smiley

charlie = 49 000 smiley

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