friday 25/02/2011

Close pls

73 0xp Herman are gone

I forgot to add Dagg smiley and i dont know why but it didnt show Lin Xia on their smiley ... and if you people think its not a fair deal. then look the the price and add them up smiley i beginging to think im the only one on this game that adds the price to see if it was worth the trade.... smiley

350 apiece or trade for equal.

Would you aceppt other trADES?

thursday 24/02/2011

Oh yeah. Thanks Babs! smiley

Is there a way to directly trade cards or does each party sell their cards to the other in a private sail? If sold in private sale are they sold for market price where Kate takes 5% or are they sold for minimum? Thanks.

I'm sure the mods accepted this so that people would ruff' you up a bit for poasting in the wrong boards.. but, This is for Sales, Trades, and Purchases. You must of clicked the wrong selection of Boards/Blogs.

Wee Lee

7.5k and a 2k card of choice (I have Gertrud up, preferably)

Please advertise in your bio, avatar sale threads are not permitted smiley

I don't think anyone will sell you Selma for less than 10k. They can get a way better deal than what you're offering on the market.

wednesday 23/02/2011

16200 I will entertain any serious offers of cards Im charging 1800 a card and if you browse the offers they're worth 2000 at cheapest

I'm also looking for Cr's like Swidz Cr, Cassio Cr, Geuner Cr, Seldnor Cr, Selsya Cr, and Miss Twice Cr. smiley

Buck on 3* please with my name Soulforest only

I would like to trade Swidz Cr and A Award Cr for Kerozinn Cr.
Message me if you are interested in this offer.

I want guru cr , i offer 4 500 000 in cr

Excuse for my english ,

Price for 0xp emeth is 20k i sell mine for 19000

Now I'm looking for Miss Twice Cr 0xp, and other bulk Crs.
I have Splata Cr for trade

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