wednesday 16/03/2011

I am not interested in big new blood packs

i am also interested in tanaereva cr and numar or miss twice cr and numar, others offers will be answered

Just in the nick of time as my broken pipes were about to burst.....the plumber made it to my house smiley

Please Close Mods smiley

Looking to purchase kenny for 10,000

Hum, card as Noodile Cr, Amiral Py Cr, Chikko Cr smiley

Definitely the wrong forum smiley

Please use the appropriate forum smiley

Who want to sell kronnen for 1400 can take to my private sales

Yup Stil don't have 27 0xp anyway if you're not interested in those kreen cr just don't post !

I'm reducing the prices :

- 240 Serena 0xp 6 800/each
- 100 Selina 0xp 6 500/each
- 60 Ray (32 0xp,5 non full, 23 full) 6 400/each

What do y'all think of this?

We should have a room where players can gamble their clintz.
Or where players could gamble cards with each other that way Ld cards wouldn't be so booboo since you can only keep them for yourself right now.

I think this would be an awesome addition to the rooms. this would make the battles so much more exciting! I would love to see something like this in the near future(:

Anybody agree or have other suggestions?

Oh yea i 4got thnx... lvl 3 ahkab=8000, lvl 2 maurice=7500 lvl 2 zhutang=3000 (price(s) may vary)

I'll buy Ivana 0xp at 500 each
Maurice 0xp at 6.5k each
and PM me for any other New Bloods

Her price for me is 140k trading for bulk of hermans and selina.smiley

Looking for about 14 500 each, or a fair trade. PM me offers.

Looking for Kolos at any level.

45k for one.

Feel Free to PM me.

Thanks Mods.

I am wanting to get rid of my Collectors to get a Cr like Tessa Cr or Dragan Cr. I could add more cards if needed.

tuesday 15/03/2011

For Small Crs like seldnor, cassio cr diyo cr geuner cr. smiley

PM me or post here, but PM will most likely get a faster response smiley

Thanks mods

10 daag 0xp for lamar cr

I currently have 8 of him at 0xp and im looking to sell of trade...imma value them at 39k each

Close this please currently trading these for cr's smiley

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