saturday 30/04/2011

Im selling or trading my jackie cr. im selling her for 110k if you want to buy or im trading her for cards worth up too 110k im most intrested with la junta cards so i will proberly say yes to them and will defently say yes if you have 6 emeths and a naginata

but the cards i am looking for are:
jane ramba

what i want are mostly 0 xp cards but if you dont have any of the above make your offers and may accept the clans im most intrested in are: la junta, ulu watu, vortex, rescue, piranhas, and nightmare

if you have any tanereva cr ill be happy to accept an offer for him

thank you mods

For reference logan and ryuichi

Just to point out the offer will reach rough current market prices, I already understand that the offer with just the cards only really reaches around what 190k-200k hence + clintzsmiley. Other cards can be added or cards replaced just pm me!

Noodlie cr
Ash (x2)
Their all maxed cept 1 ash choose your cards

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.
Also write the names of the cards you are willing to trade for smiley

Looking for a Morphun any xp,

I offer

0xp Cyb Lhia
0xp Deea
0xp Nistarok
+ 3k in Clintz

Please PM me if interested for a faster response smiley

Lao Cr 0exp for all the cards.

friday 29/04/2011

Would you take 4 Jackies and a tanaereva?

Shawoman Cr for 1 200 000

Its full?

I do not seek more jim cr

Dragan 0xp on the market is at 850k, but sell it for much less if the offer is interesting smiley

I have full Gheist, minus crs, and I am looking for full piranas, minus Akhab and Smokey Cr. At the moment the cards on the market are about the same price, but the market does fluctuate so I am willing to make up an offer with other cards. If you are interested, pm me.

Thanks Mods.

I want to buy lots pf doubles of isatis for 1050 each


I want to buy loads of doubles of Ivana for 170 each

prices are negotiable pm me for faster response

Still looking, private messages are best

I am looking to buy some mod signed cards.....

Particularly their signature signed characters!

Write here with your offers or pm me......


Willing to spend 90k on a Caelus, if more is required we can discuss it. Whether it may be clintz or cards I'll be willing to strike a deal as long as it is fair.

Haha I don't have 50k!

I'm looking for those 2 cards maeby Lin xia too and i'm willing to pay 400 a day up to it's full price as i don't have enough clintz..

If you are interested please send me a message and i will reply to you as soon as i can.

Thank you =)

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