tuesday 15/03/2011

I am trading my doubles just some cheap ones and my mid range all stars right now they value at 3800 but before the fluxuation because of the new cr releases they were 4800 so i am looking for an even trade on serena or i will put in 1k clintz for lulabee and gabrielle

my doubles are robin, gheistling, mikki, cesare, kimberley, katsuhkay, randy, eryton, alexei, and asporov

pm me for faster response

thanks mods

I want to trade my Manon Cr for your cards!

I prefer Cr's like Jackie cr, Tanareava cr and vickie cr.
But I look at other interesting offers as well!

Post your offers here or msg me!

As the title says, looking for a fair trade containing Alec cr, for my A Award Cr
make your offers

They're in the market when your ready to purchase


Still waiting for an offer, anyone?

950 what? I suppose you don't mean clintz...

monday 14/03/2011

I can offer for lamar cr kerozinn cr + kolos + little difference in clintz . Trade in pvt.

Thanks mod

Finally got what I wanted smiley
Mods Please close.

I only have Endo for Fang Pi Clan, but what about Heegrn for 1800 clints

Maybe i add some clintz if you want to

I'll take your candy jacks smiley

I'm accepting any offers for Skeelz other than Caelus (since he's not on the market) and Jay (since he was always overrated)
I value Smokey at 34k (might change with market price and all that), so make your offers somewhere around that number
Thanks mods

I'll close this topic for now, new Crs release kinda changed my plans...
Still in love with Numar Oxp, I'll be back!

Thanks to those who showed interest wether here or by PM, all deals already made will be honored.

You might wanna take Robb off of your trading list not that he turned CR smiley

Im looking for one for about 37k....pm me if we can make a deal

I will buy multiple Robbs for 10k each. Post!

Still looking for it? anyone?

10500 for Rowdy full exp put in my PS or private sale

thanks mod

PL_pwned02 smiley

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