thursday 10/03/2011

I have 3 Caelus and 3 Kolos that I am looking to exchange for their 0xp counterparts. I offer an Isatis for each Caelus trade and a pyro for each Kolos Trade.

Thanks Mods

Final prize - 1950000 clintz

I'm selling all the Junkz clan without cr as a whole, pm me and give me your best offer.

Scratch that, i am now looking to trade my 0XP Kolos for the following cards: Phyllis Azel Oshitsune Mawpin Uranus Ratanah Jeena TOTAL: About 30K So my 0XP Kolos for these cards + about 30K in clintz PM me to negotiate a deal smiley

wednesday 09/03/2011

So well, i'm willing to buy every amount of Zodiack card from Montana for 220 Clintz for each. if u'r satisfied with this price, just put it on a privat sale.
If you're not satisfied with the price, please let me know in a privat message so we can make a deal.
Best wishes Raven

I wish i had >.<

but i really want those other cards~ smiley

Buying a ambre
only have 17400 atm
if someone can be kind of to sell me an ambre for that price i will appreciate it

thanks mods

Ill buy them for 300 each
put them in my private sales

I am also adding a spycee - 320
and puff - 149

Around 100k if anyone is willing to sell her PM me

Looking to buy Garrik for about 600. as many copies as you have. just send them over to me in private sales or send me a PM to negotiate.

Goodmorning everyone,

i buy your garrik (full or not) around 500 clintz

for many informations contact me on private

Mr Evo

Specific Cr's I am looking for:
Jackie Cr
Specific Cards I am Looking for:

Buying many Garrik's, send me a pm with the amount u have, looking to buy them for a little below market.

Thanks mods.

Im looking for bulk..........Caciope!
thats right, paper bag man smiley
im willing to offer a jay for at least 50 0xp caciope
im not really interested in full ones so yeah
i also am not offering a trade for any less than 20 of him at 0xp

My Sigmund Cr & 1 Seldnor Cr has been traded smiley

Buying kyle for 290 clintz. just put them in my PS. thanks all!

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