monday 25/04/2011

Sorry, Emeth Also, 20k like above, 0xp Preferred smiley

If you guys would read youd see that those prices are outdated lol

I have purchased Guru cr. Please close this thread. Thank you

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May be closed. Got one.

I agree with WSN but in this case the item isnt scarce enough to equal a DJ KORR

10 marina 0xp

Angela - hello. long nothing heard from you. do you have in the time cheated again? smiley by other user?

btw: I still search Ambrose Cr *pusch*

For your Tanaereva Cr!

Post here or pm me if interested.

Found him.

Offering Alec Cr, Jackie Cr, and other offers pm me

Still very much trying to sell the cards listed above on post 8
pm or post

I'll take Smokey Cr and Dalhia at any level.
PM if interested.

Thanks mods!

0xp or full, just private sell me any Ngrath for 275.


Well i have 300 burdock if you are ever interested. Gl bud

I am adding C Wing

sunday 24/04/2011

Lookin to trade my caelus cr 0 xp
2 kolos 0 xp

I Would Like to Trade

My Elya Cr (full) I value 315k + 65k (in cash or cards)

For Tessa Cr (full) I value 375k

PMs are best

Thank You! smiley

Who has kerozinn? I want her!

I would also take Jackie Cr (0xp) instead of Miss Twice Crsmiley

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