saturday 23/04/2011

Alec Cr
Vickie Cr
Just for easier reference smiley

Apologies for not putting the name of the card in the title. It's early and my brain hasn't fully woken up yet.

Still none? smiley

come on guys! smiley

It is not necessary to use this forum if your cards are already on auction, smiley

friday 22/04/2011

21 Jackie Cr
9 Caelus Cr
7 Kolos
2 Miss Twice Cr
1 Vickie Cr
1 Ambrose Cr

This is all the expensive cards I am able to sell. PM me

21k pm me thanks smiley

Eventually I was right about numars pricesmiley

Also adding:

2 x Wanda 0xp ---> 1720 each

2 x Rhed 0xp ---> 990 each

Wardom 0xp ---> 12200

Enzo 0xp ---> 3400

Will be adding more soon and all the prices are negotiable can offer clintz and cards

Pm me for a quicker response

Please read and follow:

As you will have understood him I sells magnificent Guru Cr 0xP!!!
I estimate it in 5.5M!

I am to interest by:
The Cash!
Reine Cr (1 copy max)
Ombre Cr (1 copy max)
Tessa Cr (1 copy max)
Lamar Cr (1 copy max)
Splata Cr (1 copy max)
Swidz Cr (1 copy max)
Kerry (30 copies max)
Acid DC (50 copies max)

The cards which follow in 20 copies max:
Kolos / Charlie / Kenny / Ghumbo / GraksmxxT / Bloodh / Yayoi / Vermyn N / Sylth / Gil/

The cards which follow in 10 copies max:
Dregn / Uranus / Dagg / Copper / Tsubame / Shaakarti / Dalhia / Rowdy / Ongh / Blaaster / Numar / Zatman

You thus have the choice
I can accepted below 5.5M if the offer is very interesting!
Ps: more there is of cash more I like
Ps: Saddened for my English

Thanks to the moderator of accepted the subject

I will lower the price at 1.7m.smiley

Got copper,strax,grax and a whole bunch of other stuff too smiley

Level 1, 32 000 clintz pm me

U still need them?

Not much under actually, I've had a couple good offers from sellers, just want to see if I could get one for a bit cheaper

Ow damn 10k ? the last time i checked that card costed a lot more 40k i think. that damn Deathmach =P

thursday 21/04/2011

Sorry, i already traded it smiley

we can close mods, thanks smiley

For your Guru + playable cr's (ex. Tana, Jackie, Caelus etc.)

post here or pm me if interested

Thanks mods

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