thursday 21/04/2011

Selling 302 lothars 30 clints below market price ,only selling lots

Manon cr + ndololo cr + 3 ambrose cr + dragan cr

Or i trade for
dwain cr or
beltran cr or
jim cr

difference be paid with clintz

Changing price to 1800 clintz

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

wednesday 20/04/2011

Close plz

140,000 Clintz is the amount I'm Shooting for. I am willing to negotiate and lower the price. I am not looking for any specific cards atm but if you have good cards that amount up to Tanaereva Cr, then I please post.

I am looking to trade my Caelus Cr + 14.5k for your Jackie Cr.

Thanks, PM or Post!!!

Hey, didn't even realise this was still going, i've sold nearly all smiley you can close it if you insist...

Lamar Cr sold . I buy Noodile Cr 0 exp for 9.5k cash too.

I accept only 11 Caelus !!!!!!

Gogogo !! smiley

Please write the cards you are willing to trade for smiley

Don't have so much money so I will give you money and a card 7 power 5 damage

5.000 full exp 5200 0 exp smiley smiley

tuesday 19/04/2011


thanks mods =)

I want to trade my charlie which is 0xp for a graksmxxt preferably 0xp

thanks mods

Kerozinn cr is sold, still selling vickie =) private messages are best

Trade my nahi cr for your alec cr
If you are interested plese contact me
can be negociated

This is one trade that is obviously not going to happen smiley

I will add 0xp Chiara anyone?

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