friday 25/03/2011

I want 1 Jackie CR, 3 Kolos, and 3 GraksxxmT. I will accept other offers with different quantities or clintz.

My 0exp marlysa for full marlysa exp + 20k in clintz (but we can talk about it)


Got it already! Sorry all this took a long time to post!

Looking to sell 40 copies of pyro for 1100 per head. will trade them all for a single copy of graksmxxt. i'm open for negotiations. just PM me with offers

73k on the market right now smiley

2 Sylths 1 0 xp, 1 full
1 GraksmxxT 0 xp
4 Zatmans all 0 xp

for your

14 Shakras

1 Kenny is gone 0xp left !

New Cards Added :
Draheera and
XU52 All new cards are 0xp

Hi!I'm willing to take this trade. Please pm me.

Sry all cards are maxed and i only have 38 Kristins left

As for which cards i want, i am mainly looking for Zhu Tangs.

That´s my offer

2x Lamar cr
1x Vickie cr 0xp
1x Noodile Cr
1x Amiral pi cr 0xp

kontakt me iff you axept


Close, Please Mods! Thanks!

Im looking to trade my Dregn, for anything equivalent.

I would like a Charlie, and a Kreen Cr for him. However im open to other offers.smiley

I would like to trade my Scarlett Crsmiley

Any offer must include at least 1 Marlysa Crsmiley

I value Scarlett at about 1.7Msmiley

Please pm me with offers or post heresmiley

Thanks Mods as Always For Postingsmiley

Lamar full + 2 herman

Selling Miss Twice Cr
PM me, price is negotiable
Thank You

thursday 24/03/2011

Would you like to sell ghumbo for 15k?

Dealn done
thank you
please close

I offer Seldnor Cr (full xp) and i search a Kolsosmiley
PM if you are interessted smiley

Ulu Watu:25 serenas 0 expe
Piranas:Aktara,Bloodh,Cyan,Dante,Ector,Gran Vista,Greesh,Hawkins,Hawkins Noel,Kristin,Mayhem,Pesth,Puff,Raeth,Scubb,Selma,Sliman,Spycee,talijon,Tula,Tyd,Ulrich,Wheeler
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Im trading my

102 harold 0xp/550 clintz each


trade for

1 charlie 0xp+22k clintz


10 qubik (i add 4k)

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