sunday 04/02/2018

Done : )

To clarify, I offer 75k as well as a Nemo full

Ramzy, don't get rid of those Onghs yet, just put em on the market above me. We will work something out soon.

I want trade mi Elya Cr for Vickie Cr
no extra cards or clintz

saturday 03/02/2018

Hello i bought your Barden 0xp for 40k each

Trade possible send me a pm smiley

For ur alec mt+smokey mt. Any xp.

Pm me

Sell Rolph 0 exp 38k
Trade : 37k for Cosmos any exp valued 3.2k therefore 11 Cosmos.
Good game smiley

4 Dounia MT 0xp 2M200 k/t

Looking for
Péricles 0xp (120k/u)
Judge Lynch 210k/u)


The CRs/ high end rare cards (and respectively the valuations of them) will be offered based upon the quantity of ARN 2000 that the person is willing to offer and based upon what CRs they're looking for (playable/unplayable etc.) . smiley

General Cr 0xp 19m for 700k Zaveli 19x smiley

Wel... if u do it for cards lets me know

I value him 220k in trades, 215k for clintz

Hello everyone,

I would like to buy a copy of Kiki Cr for 18 Million Clintz.
Any XP will do.


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