friday 18/03/2011

Clintz depending on market price, can be more than 20k or can get less to equal the price.


I trade my c beast 0xp vs olfgn 0xp
THX mod smiley

Selling edwin for 2000 clintz

I said i don't know how much compl. i'm new in tese things...

GamersRemote, please use this section of the message board to post questions like this, thanks.

Isn't one of those formerly mine? smiley

Anyways, you considering taking anything else other than Piranas?

I resposed you in mp smiley other offers?

I only have what is on the list up for trade

thursday 17/03/2011


I'm looking for 1x Striker, 1x Sylth and 1x Emeth any xp. smiley

I'm offering my GraksmxxT 0xp plus a compliment in clints to be determined. smiley

Thanks mods for posting.

Just went through market prices it's an even trade dead even like 30 clint difference in prices

Thank you very much I already got him this can be closed

I'm looking for:
tessa cr xp = 360K
kerozinn cr full xp = 200K
+ 140K in hawk wee lee zatman shakra ratanah smiley

Good Luck with that its a fine lot indeed smiley

I am also interested in 0XP Charlie smiley

I Buy all your Ahkab 0xp for 9500/head in my VP for a lot of Ahkab can you please sell me a private message
Thank you !

I am looking for some Ahkab full or 0 xp for 9500-10000 clintz or more if u have more ahkab!!,
u can conact me when u want.
Thx Mods

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