wednesday 16/03/2011

I have 25 serenas 0 expe and i am looking for 2 caelus(full) and 1 robb(0exp)
serena 6k each
caelus 60k each
robb 30 k

Im trading any Fang Pi Clang card{not CR's} for a cauleus.

Kreen Cr (full xp) 27k
Seldnor Cr (0xp) 46.5k
Chikko Cr (0xp) 9k
Prices change with the market, all costs negotiable with fair trades.

I have some doubles i would like to trade.
Muze full x60
Adler 0exp x60
Zinfrid 0exp x40
Malmoth full x10
Kuei 0exp x20
Naginata 0exp x15

and some other cards.
im looking for useful crs (Jackie cr, Miss Twice cr, Vickie cr, etc), preferably 0 exp
waiting for offers

I lowered it down to 1-300 ypu get 2 guesses

Looking for multiple Robb, Caelus or a Lamar Max+Compliment

Lettin him go for about 270k i guess

Down to 120k
Price will follow market
Fair trades accepted
Dregen + Kolos + 16k would be nice, but anything fair

Jim cr 0xp + Jim Cr full + Dragan Cr 0xp.

I am looking to trade for:
juicy lord
vernyn N

I have these cards available to trade. Let me know what you want and we'll work something out.
Miss Jessie
Spudd x6
Garrik x3
kevlaer x2
xia leming x2
magda x4
pyro x3
elke x10
wurmhol x13
rodney x6
isatis x4
aniki x4
tino x7
arawaka x5
orlok x5
wheeler x3
lothar x2
burdock x8
jeto x19
embolt x2
pieter x16
kyle x32
aigwon noel x10
deebler x5
saho x5
warren x6
herman x7
jody x4
drorb x10
galen x2
krung x3

I am giving Mona and some clintz. Tell me how many clintz do you want here or PM. Thanks.

I am not interested in big new blood packs

i am also interested in tanaereva cr and numar or miss twice cr and numar, others offers will be answered

Just in the nick of time as my broken pipes were about to burst.....the plumber made it to my house smiley

Please Close Mods smiley

Looking to purchase kenny for 10,000

Hum, card as Noodile Cr, Amiral Py Cr, Chikko Cr smiley

Definitely the wrong forum smiley

Please use the appropriate forum smiley

Who want to sell kronnen for 1400 can take to my private sales

Yup Stil don't have 27 0xp anyway if you're not interested in those kreen cr just don't post !

I'm reducing the prices :

- 240 Serena 0xp 6 800/each
- 100 Selina 0xp 6 500/each
- 60 Ray (32 0xp,5 non full, 23 full) 6 400/each

What do y'all think of this?

We should have a room where players can gamble their clintz.
Or where players could gamble cards with each other that way Ld cards wouldn't be so booboo since you can only keep them for yourself right now.

I think this would be an awesome addition to the rooms. this would make the battles so much more exciting! I would love to see something like this in the near future(:

Anybody agree or have other suggestions?

Oh yea i 4got thnx... lvl 3 ahkab=8000, lvl 2 maurice=7500 lvl 2 zhutang=3000 (price(s) may vary)

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