monday 10/01/2011

Sell or Trade my Berserkgirl Cr full
Start price: 500k

Cards I'm looking for: Marlysa Cr, Splata Cr, Tessa Cr, Vickie Cr, Jackie Cr, Grakksmxt, Charlie.

Thank's mods.

All of the ones above are currently gone.

But I now have Orlok, Aigwon Noel and C Beast.

So offers here or in PM.

Orlok - 170
Aigown Noel - 170
C Beast 5200

Opps im sorrysmiley

For 4M5 in cash !

Oops forgot to mention they are 0 exp 34k is best i can do

3 Smokey Cr for Raeth

sunday 09/01/2011

Hey, I'm trading a Kerozinn cr for a vickie cr. I am happy to add a compliment to the kero. PM me to negotiate.

thanks smiley

I'm looking to sell and or trade my 2 numar, both 0xp. looking to get about 22k cash/cards for each. pm me or respond here with reasonable offers. please if trade no lots.

The price is obviously negotiable, if your offer is interesting. We can always make an arrangement smiley

I give you my Marlysa Cr 0xp for:

1 Marlysa Cr FULL + some cards (Make an offer)

Buy ur Ambre for 23000
just put it in my private sales thanks!

Hi ill buy your marlysa cr for 680000

Lamar Cr has Dropped to 215,000
but ill keep my offer the same

Close it please..

Selling my Montana clan without cr at the best offer, only few little rules:

PAY CASH: reserve price is 85000 clintz. Over this amount I will sell the lot the the higher offer in cash.


PAY CARDS: reserve price is 81000 clintz (no 5% to kate). I consider offers in cards of at least 25000 clintz value but I reserve the possibility to reject if Im not interested in.

NOTE: I will negotiate adding cards or clints if you would trade a Beltrand cr. I accept offers by pm but, in case I am interested in your bid, you have to post it in this topic or it will not be taken into consideration.

END: once found the right offer

25 Zatman for Vickie Cr 0xp?

Can close, thx

Want to trade for Caelus, open to other offers

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