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friday 13/01/2017

So i tried to play on phone and the fb app wont link with urban rivals
bigger problem is the screen will say loading and get to 100% but it wont load up a battle, it goes black at that point

wednesday 11/01/2017

Hahahaha aren't you a good subdit!

Yuri lovers... UNITE!

friday 06/01/2017

Hands of he's mine!

thursday 05/01/2017

That star is epic.

tuesday 27/12/2016

Yeah ^ that is how


Change the = to a :

friday 23/12/2016

Shameless advertising right there ^.

wednesday 21/12/2016

Yeah, get the cards you use the most.

saturday 17/12/2016

Good day URers
My name is Tavien and have a guild that goes by the name of *Plush of Ingenuity*
I am looking for players who are active your level doesn't matter just as long as you are cool and willing to help us grow as a guild and build a friendship between the members.
Join if any one is interested

friday 16/12/2016

Player who has recently got back into the game over the past week a d looking for guild preferably English speaking and active

Still looking for members

thursday 08/12/2016

ROTFL! nice one king

thursday 01/12/2016

Hi i'm jadejasmine and i am interested in creating a new group. i would like circling vultures to bring people together.
if you are looking a group i would love to have you join.
link to guild guild:2056772

edited by Infiniti thursday 01/12/2016, 19:54

Ey, mate! Nice to see you again smiley. Well, HoA's opened the gates for more people once more, so seize the chance smiley.

wednesday 30/11/2016

Wait.. wait.. I need one too smileysmileysmiley

tuesday 29/11/2016

Im closing this thread soon.. Looks like we are making some major dips in the requirement..

@KFC guy, mean while you can visit XC and spam there if u want.. smiley

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thursday 24/11/2016

wednesday 23/11/2016

I'll take your offer Tsaar smiley

Thanks very much

saturday 12/11/2016

There are no restrictions such as level or skill so feel free to join.

monday 07/11/2016

Anybody that wish to join my new guild is welcome. If you are active everyday and dont know where to fit in, my guild is the right place!


edited by Infiniti monday 07/11/2016, 13:10

wednesday 02/11/2016

Do I remember you smiley

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