monday 20/05

Or Any Equivalent Card

I'm looking to trade my Kiki Cr for DJ Korr Cr. Please PM with offers. I value these about the same. Open to paying clintz for DJ to bridge the gap.

To be more specific I will take the offer for No Love + Lamar Cr

I'm selling or trading my Bmappè Cr 0 exp (9M) for Atkinson 0 Exp (3M) plus 6 M clintz
pls pm ty

sunday 19/05

Price has proven to be too volatile. Closing the thread.

To let everyone know, she is full Xp.

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Research cancelled as #Volkan's price keeps getting inflated despite her being available in shop packs in 2 weeks. (NewBlood excluded).

As title Tessa Cr , Page Cr , and Nahi Cr for your Voulkan.
Pm for faster response.

saturday 18/05

I want to trade my Kiki Cr 0xp (15M)
For 3 #volkan (5m)

Buy Ymirah Cr for 1.9M.

Feel free to contact me through this post or mp. Thx.

1 guru cr for 4 volkans whisper me if interested

Ok sorry trading a level 5 cannibal jo cr for multiple level two volkan

Good morning,

I offer:
Cannibal Jo Cr 0 xp 16,5M
DJ Korr Cr 0 xp 16M
Guru Cr full 15M
Vickie Cr 0 xp 5M
Noctezuma Cr 0 xp 600k
48 Zaveli 0 xp 380k/t
80 Redra 0 xp 7k/t

I am looking for:
Cash (40% pour DJ Korr Cr, Cannibal Jo Cr et Guru Cr)
Lyse Teria Cr 0 xp 15M
Kiki Cr 0 xp 14M
Dragan Mt full 9,8M
Kerozinn Mt 0 xp 8,5M
B Mappe Cr 0 xp 8,5M
Sum Sam Cr 0 xp 6,9M
Lamar Cr 0 xp 4,8M
Splata Cr 0 xp 4,6M
Nemo Mt 0 xp 3,7M
Tessa Cr 0 xp 3,6M
Tanaereva Cr 0 xp 3,2M
Rass Cr 0 xp 2,3M
Ymirah Cr 0 xp 2,2M
Kenny Mt full 2M
Kalindra Cr 0 xp 2M
Miss Twice Cr 0 xp 1,9M
Jackie Cr 0 xp 1,7M
Caelus Cr 0 xp 1,6M
Lizbeth Cr 0 xp 1,3M
Sylth Cr 0 xp 1M
Mona Cr 0 xp 900K
Kreen Cr 0 xp 800k
Crook full 630K

I accept lot 0 xp of Lizbeth Cr, Jackie Cr, Mona Cr, Sylth Cr and Tanaereva Cr

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