tuesday 29/05/2018

Against spoiler you have to just leave the last round (sometimes 2nd last) as it's overpowering your card by 5-6 power most of the time

sunday 27/05/2018

Dookor + #Valhala , Dj Korps 4* + Incubus, Lagertha... you killed everything in these last 2 NB waves

Please delete Dj Korps semievo, and exchange vs protection should work as copy, for example El Parasito vs #Valhala both cards should have 6 dmg, otherwise you can't have a solid deck, all you can do is play some cards with good stats, some exchange and some cards with bad stats and good abilities and hope you get a favourable handsmiley

friday 25/05/2018

Well put Izy.

But seriously, the new powers give us a wider scope of action to help other UR players in managing the EN community.

wednesday 23/05/2018

I figured the probly drop her stats for that ability thought. an if vholt did change to that ability cancel life modifier she have a leader that can just stop her.

Remember its a team event of guild not singles event!
Before joining the event make sure you register your guild mates with player links in cesky section of event in order to get accepted smiley
Good luck smiley

monday 21/05/2018

Rather than looking for a pM, start pm ing your guild mates and friends.
Somebody has to initiate it anyways smiley

friday 18/05/2018

I take it Henry drops back out of Z Palace as well?

thursday 17/05/2018

Commanche isnt goin down in pricebsmiley

saturday 12/05/2018

All stars are dead in t1 with the ban of #robb cr and Schatzi besides all stars will need 3/4 pills just to get over dollums attack. Dollum in R1, Sopiket in R3/R4 and Caelus Cr somewhere in the middle is a little too much to face.

I got beta key today.
Sorry to say but i cannot start it


thursday 10/05/2018

3 female and 1 male

2 rare and 1 uncommon and 1 common

tuesday 08/05/2018

The last change was anticipated last month: we decided to try and give one more base Damage to Pl4gue Ld, in order to make him more impactful on the match and help him distinguish in playstyle from Bikini Joe Ld.

That's all folks smiley

We hope you will like the new Dominion that will come out this Friday... smiley

Good UR!

monday 07/05/2018

Sounds like Oon Cr is going to be Dominions ld. His name is Lord Oon Ld

friday 04/05/2018

thursday 03/05/2018

hot logo UR 47 messages

I am getting bugg... in arcade whenever bot starts match he won't play card... I am winning but it is waste of my time, what's up with that?

saturday 28/04/2018

At last, those Collectors are not in the Gold Chest. Quetzal Cr, Ielena Cr and Askai Cr are in reasonable Tokenz Chests.

friday 27/04/2018

New Clan tomorrow! And the gender ratio is going to be 50/50.

thursday 26/04/2018

Lol you might wont to make the life bars a bit bigger seems they goo to fast when the event starts its over in like 3 hours lol.
or have then best 2 out of 3 lol. they start Monday then it resets Wesnday then if its tied it resets Friday an is over Saturday.

the way it is now seems lop sided just saying.

Yes, you need to fight hard with low level. No mercy.

tuesday 24/04/2018

@Yurieu HoA

Because it was totally not about the cards

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