saturday 02/04/2011

I have elea and bragh pm if interested

I have rowdy and I want to trade him for either dahlia or emeth (any other card of that value will be fine but I'd prefer those two). Alternatively, I will sell him for 18947.

Blaaster + shogunn for 4 selina

Please close.

4 jackie 0xp on market for 83333 each and 1 more for 90 sorry mate

Offering 17 altogether for the last time
I value 10 800 each and that sums up to 183 600
No more discount and no more other bad offers, only accept clintz

friday 01/04/2011

Will Buy 0xp tino , vince or SOL HONA for 780 send them to my privite sales

Hello, this is an auction of 55 harold 0 exp indivisible pack

star: friday 01/april/2011
end: sunday 03/april/2011

reserve price: 32 000 (590 unit )

Elya Cr I Value 300k
50k cash or in cards

I buy gil , I give 13.000clintz for gil

I got dregn send me a pm with an offer if you like

Close smiley

All auctions are without a reserved price
All auctions end monday 04/04/2011 between 13:40 and 14:10

Thanks for the heads up. i sent them a msg.

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.


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thursday 31/03/2011

My offer is still available

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